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Candykiller Print Sold Out

SM0277 ID SM0277 (photo)
Arrived 5.22.07, AM (USPS Global)
From Brian Taylor, Dundee, Scotland
Description 2-color letterpress print, 8" x 10"
More info Candykiller
Swapped for TBD
Status at CP

It must have been preordained that we offer a Swap Meat exclusive from Brian Taylor. We've been following his work forever, since XL5 Design and Rustboy, and the other day, while browsing at Rotofugi, the Chicago designer toy store, we came across one of Brian's Candykiller books. We wrote to tell him and he responded that on the very same day he had packed up some stuff and sent it to us. This print is punched into the yellow/olive-ish paper via traditional letterpress in two colors. There are only twenty available. We'll include a bit of other Candykiller swag in the package and purchasers of this will get the first shot at an oversized, sure-to-sell-out screen print we're producing for Brian from this fabulous illustration.

Swap Meat Exclusive: Available For Purchase Sold Out
Limited-edition of 20 from an original run of 200, 8" x 10" in two colors, signed and numbered by the artist. Purchasers of this print earn the right of first refusal on another Brian Taylor print that's currently in production.

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