An Item From the CP Swap Meat

Crown Hall Kirigami

SM0014 ID SM0014 (photo)
Arrived 3.22.07, AM (UPS)
From Jeff Rutzky, NYC, NY
Description A schload of stuff, mostly origami-related
More info Kirigami photos
Swapped for SM0143, NY Photo
Status Swapped

Jeff Rutzky is a perpetual CP contest entrant/winner, so his name was well-known around the office, but we had no idea what he was all about. He sent us a giant box full of client work (a Swap Meat no-no!), and his books about origami. CP hearts origami, though we've never figured out the "Fujimoto Approximation Technique." But the crown jewel (pun intended) was nearly lost in the giant pile of stuff: a Kirigami sculpture of Mies van der Rohe's Crown Hall, our favorite building. He could have thrown that in a #10 envelope and saved himself a lot of postage. (Not that we don't appreciate his work for Playboy and the Weekly World News.)

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