What's All This Then?

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What's All This Then?

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An Item From the CP Shop

Circuit-Bent Furby

SM0180 ID SM0180 (photo)
Arrived 6.9.07 PM, USPS
From Saul Mandel, Middleton, WI
Description 6" tall annoy-bot
More info Saul's site
Swapped for TBD
Status at CP

As if Hasbro's Furby isn't creepy enough, Wisconsin artist Saul Mandel has been circuit-bending the "emoto-tronic friends" into avant-anarcho-musical instruments. Saul strips off the fur (leaving a wispy blue tuft "to remind you of grandma") and adds a series of buttons that, along with the original belly and back buttons, interactively mutate the Furby's cutesy mutterings into a wild screech of electronic mayhem. He's even added a 1/8" audio jack so you can patch the fun right into your mixing board. Just like your real friends, this little guy is annoying, creepy, and funny as all-get-out. It's hard to describe just how awesome it is, but this video may help. You'll wonder how you ever got through life without one.

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