What's All This Then?

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What's All This Then?

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Hi-Ball Records

SM0104 ID SM0104 (photo)
Arrived 4/18/07 PM (USPS)
From Mark Greenberg, Chicago, IL
Description Several Hi-Ball records releases
More info Mayfair Recordings
Swapped for TBD
Status at CP

Here's a good chance to tell a good story. When we were looking for music for our film Copy Goes Here, we contacted local music legends (and one-time Lounge Ax house band) The Coctails through a friend. They agreed, and their music worked perfectly in the film. The afternoon of the release party, we posted an invitation to CP readers, and got an email from a reader named Annmarie that she was very excited to see the film. When we met her at the party, her husband looked familiar, but we couldn't place him. He came up to JC as the credits were rolling and said "That's my band in your film!" He and Annmarie had come to the party completely unaware of the Coctails/CGH connection. Luckily, Mark apparently enjoyed the film. When we got a Swap Meat package from Hi-Ball, BB called dibs and enthusiatically opened the package, only to find that he already owned 5 of the 7 records they sent, so it looks like they'll be going to a swapper after all. (There's a Dianogah connection here, too, but we've already rambled on too long.)

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