What's All This Then?

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What's All This Then?

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Honk For Pluto

SM0033 ID SM0033 (photo)
Arrived 3.26.07 (USPS)
From Chris Spurgeon, Los Angeles, CA
Description Bumper Sticker, 10" x 3"
More info Spurgeonworld
Swapped for TBD
Status on various CP bumpers

Who isn't outraged that those pesky scientists stripped Pluto of "planet" status? Here at CP, we just bitched and moaned about it, but Web programmer Chris Spurgeon did something about it. He wrangled together a Hubble Telescope photo of Pluto and some Helvetica, made a sticker, and sold hundreds of those babies at $4 a pop, donating the money to The Planetary Society. Never mind that Planetary Society chairman Neil deGrasse Tyson supported Pluto's demotion, Neil deGrasse Tyson is a sweet name and we're happy that this sticker was a success and Pluto is once again a planet. (Yes, we're past mourning, into denial.)

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