What's All This Then?

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What's All This Then?

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Striped Bug

SM0172 ID SM0172 (photo)
Arrived5.18.07 AM, FedEx
From Lizette Greco, Sequim, WA
Description Colorful 6" plush insect
More info lizettegreco.com
Swapped for TBD
Status at CP

CP readers know we've been fearing the cicada invasion for a couple years now. Now that it's here, since we all live in the city, we've only seen a handful of the thumb-sized red-eyed buzzing insects, which is fine with us. (DW's suburban scooter ride last week was the only real horror story so far). We just don't love bugs, is all. But this little guy is pretty cool as far as bugs, go, MS even let it sit on her shoulder for a minute (but only a minute.) Lizette and her family make soft toys based on the kids' drawings. In this case, her six-year old Enzo drew a series of bugs and Lizette stiched this one up using recycled materials (a pair of wool pants, thrift store fabrics, wire, felt, and lint stuffing recycled from a diaper service. We've named him Enzo, and we'll actually be a little sad to see him go back out into the big Swap Meat world.

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