An Item From the CP Swap Meat

Little Jim

SM0238 ID SM0238 (photo)
Arrived 7.27.07, PM (USPS
From Jill Lynch, Vancouver, WA
Description Two 18" plush dolls
More info Dolls For Friends
Swapped for TBD
Status at CP

Upon opening this package, despite the fact that the doll doesn't really look much like JC, it was somehow instantly and absolutely obvious to BB that it was JC, even before noticing the Coudal totebag. In fact, BB was just about to say, "Jim, this looks like you" when he saw the tag attached identifying it as such. JC insists he'd never wear a rag wool turtleneck and grey slacks, but we bet if we suggested said outfit to Mrs. Coudal, she'd totally make JC at least try it on. So anyway, you can be sure that doll's not getting traded, we'll keep it hidden away until he brings his kids to the office, or until Zeldman brings his doll over to play. The other example of Jill's craftwomanship, "Mr. Designer, is going up for the Swap, even though we're totally enamored with his assymetry (the legs and arms exit the torso in pretty much random directions) and his white and red Adidas. Man, these rule, thanks Jill.

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