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Blind Boxes (Second Edition)

SM0287 ID SM0287 (photo)
Arrived 11.7.07 PM, USPS
From Douglas Wilson, Springfield, MO
Description Cigar box stuffed with printed ephemera
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Swapped for TBD
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Remember as a kid when you'd find a box of miscellaneous stuff at your grandparents' house? You didn't know what any of it was and nothing seemed to have any specific connection to your life that you were aware of at the time, but it was still somehow fascinating to sit there and leaf through the yellowed scraps of paper, photographs and clippings from the newspaper. That's a lot like what Douglas Wilson sent us for The Swap Meat Gifted. This is a second edition of Wilson's instant sellout "blind boxes", this time 'round, it's a colorful cigar box filled with vintage printed matter, including items such as greeting cards, postcards, maps, menus, cassettes, book and magazine pages, filmstrips, transparencies, photographs, invitations, advertisements, and the like.

Swap Meat Exclusive: Available For Purchase
Limited edition of only 20. Hand-selected ephemera, assembled in a handsome cigar box exclusively for The Swap Meat. There's no telling what you'll get but there's no chance you'll be disappointed. Signed and numbered by the artist. $95.00 each.

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