An Item From the CP Swap Meat

Butter/Concrete Print Set

SM0278 ID SM0278 (photo)
Arrived 10.09.07 PM, USPS Priority
From Jay Bryant, Seattle, WA
Description Three 18"x23" 3-color prints
More info "A Muse to You?" Poster Design
Swapped for TBD
Status at CP

Jay Bryant was inspired to send us some prints after seeing Rod Hunting's work in the Swap Meat. These were produced for the "A Muse to You?" poster show organized by Kristien Ziska in Seattle, and feature two sticks of butter ("Sweet Cream" and "Unsalted") and a "Concrete Masonry Unit," known by the colloquial name "Cinder Block." Apparently Disney owns the trademark to Cinder Block or something. Anyway, it's hard to explain the satisfying symmetry of two sticks of butter and a slab of concrete, but it's palpable and the prints were an instant hit around the studio. We got in touch with Jay, who offered up the remaining thirty prints as a Swap Meat Exclusive. We've sort of fallen back on the phrase "These would look perfect in your…" in many of these descriptions, but isometric-dairy-products-and-construction-materials placement, well, that's a decision you're going to have to make on your own.

Swap Meat Exclusive: Available For Purchase
$80.00 per Butter Print Set.
$50.00 for the Concrete Block Print.

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