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What's All This Then?

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Chicago Neighborhood Poster/Button Set Sold Out

SM0291 ID SM0291 (photo)
Arrived 12.07.07 PM, Hand-delivered
From Jennifer Beorkrem
Description 24" x 34" map of Chicago neighborhoods
More info Ork Posters
Swapped for TBD
Status at CP

We got Ork Posters' original red and grey Chicago Neighborhoods poster in the mail a couple weeks ago, and instantly loved it for (among other things) its inclusion of BB's home neighborhood Galewood, which is NEVER on maps. Then we started seeing the poster popping up everywhere on the internet, and everyone loved it. While the regular version is available on Jenny's site, we've commissioned a 100-print edition of the new "blue" version (PMS 7474) signed and numbered. For even more local pride, we'll include El Boton's "El Series" buttons, featuring eight buttons color-coded to Chicago's CTA "El" lines. (We're still getting used to the "Pink" line too). Best yet, on top of our usual "Gifted" donation to the Greater Chicago Food Bank, Jenny has offered to donate an extra $5 per order, so not only are you showing your Chicago pride on your walls/jacket lapels, you're also helping Chicago's less fortunate citizens.

Let's be clear: No Chicagoan who's seen this poster doesn't love it. It's already incredibly popular, but it's still going places. In fifteen years, you'll see this poster hanging in every corner tavern and all-night italian beef joint, stained with years of grease and smoke, right between the photo of DItka flipping the bird and that Vienna Beef hot dog that's covering up Navy Pier with the fire boat shooting mustard at it. You know what I'm talking about. This poster is THAT Chicago. Buy this signed, high-quality limited-edition print now, or buy an inferior poorly-letterspaced sixth-generation knockoff (is that ARIAL CONDENSED!?) from the guy selling fake White Sox shirts outside Union Station in a few months. It's your choice.

Swap Meat Exclusive: Available For Purchase
Limited edition of 100 signed-and-numbered 24" x 36" posters, offset-printed in medium blue (Pantone 7474) on white New Leaf 100% recycled matte paper, with El Boton's 8-button "El Series" set. $50. Sold Out

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