What's All This Then?

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What's All This Then?

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Sunday Edition

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slowtron's How To BBQ a Man

"Celebrate the times. Oh, the times."

What better way to mark the start of summer than with a friendly barbecue? We're happy to provide you with Slowtron's simple recipe for food, folks and fellowship.

other films at CP

Check dozens of other CP films on our Video Wall.

Copy Goes Here. How do you spell courage?

Hobbies, from SD's "Regrets" series.

Laboratory Conditions, a 5-part documentary made on the way to making something else.

Close Enough, a CP film about working together.

Scott Smith's Ten in which a man breaks all Ten Commandments before breakfast.

Shift Option Rinse, an experiment from the CP Labs.

Slowtron's Western State, a series of artist profiles.
1. Andy Mueller
2. Cory McAbee
3. Geoff McFetridge
4. Jason Gnewikow

6 Colors, 1800 Pulls and 2 Dogs. A mini-doc on the craft of screen-printing and another once on the same subject, Found & Reused.


Slowtron is an LA based directing team. Slowtron is Eric Helin and Andrew Neujahr. Contact us here.