What's All This Then?

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What's All This Then?

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Tuesday Edition

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No Game No Plot

After getting to work with the Pixies a few years back with The Show, SD and BB can now cross another music-related item off their lifetime to do list: directing a music video for The Breeders.

Assembled in whatever free time they could spare, including many late night IM sessions where approximately 700 treatments were written, discussed, and ultimately abandoned. Wanting to make sure they got it right to make their rock icons proud, inspiration finally struck during a commute into the office one morning and they decided on the multiple-perspective chase sequence you see above.

Director of Photography: Ryan Taylor
PAs: Aimee Dinschel & Ray McWherter

Businessman: Joe Janes
Messenger: Paul Thomas
2nd Messenger: Denae Friedheim
Genie: Justin Kaufmann

Flash Development:
Stephen Schmidt
Steve Gadlin

Chris Glass
Naz Hamid
Jen Schuetz
4 Star Courier Collective
Richard Jones

Buy Mountain Battles or check when the band will be heading your way at Breeders Digest.

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