What's All This Then?

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What's All This Then?

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Saturday Edition

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Kahn + Selesnick

Today's feature is just one tiny sliver of a much bigger project. Scotlandfuturebog is a beautiful, enigmatic series of panoramic bxw photos by Nicholas Kahn & Richard Selesnick. The is The Bakers, which represents but a single moment in a narrative told through elaborately staged, propped and costumed scenerios. Incredibly rich and imaginative, this project. like their City of Salt and The Apollo Prophecies, has to be seen in total to really be appreciated.

Nicholas Kahn on The Bakers. "We created this image during a residency at Philips-Andover working with the students and teachers in the giant studio. We designed and built rubber garments with the students and then bought all the bread the Italian bakery in Lawrence Massachesetts could sell us. Its based loosely on the composition of Andrea Mantegna great renaisance painting cycle the Triumphs of Ceasar, but set after the apocalpse in some remote soggy corner of Scotland, the rival clans returning with their baked spoils of war. But we prefer to leave all this as a mystery, an unfathomable absurd future that seems to be racing at us whether we like it or not in the guise of a code orange alert."

During a string of Fridays we featured a single work from a photographer, with a link to his or her online portfolio and a few words.