What's All This Then?

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What's All This Then?

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Wednesday Edition

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Rob Gardiner

Today's feature is from Rob Gardiner's sprawling photo site NYCLondon. Rob shoots in a variety of formats and tends to make pictures in series and in black and white. But it's much more difficult to categorize Rob's work than it is to appreciate it. And maybe that's the point.

Rob Gardiner on his photography. "I find it difficult to explain the why's and how's of my photography. I shoot what I do because I notice things that cause something to resonate inside me, and I feel a need to record that in some tangible form (a photograph) that will always exist. I want to show the beauty that lies below the surface of everything. Art should be felt, not thought about. I want to challenge prejudices - be it through the beautiful winter landscape of what is considered ugly NYC, the earnest passion of those who are often assumed as fickle anti-war protesters, or by showing through street photography the emotion of everyone you walk past on the street every day of your life. How successful I am does not really matter, I'd do this if no-one ever looked at my photos."

During a string of Fridays we featured a single work from a photographer, with a link to his or her online portfolio and a few words.