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What's All This Then?

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Meryl Truett

The obvious phrase to use when describing the work of Meryl Truett of Savannah, Georgia is 'Southern Gothic.' To some extent, the subject matter and the gritty, elegiac feel of the photo process bear that out. However, it's the tension between the past and the present, that really caught our eye. That, and the fascination with signs, hand-lettering and language that permeates the work. You can see more of Meryl's pictures in the book, Thump Queen and Other Southern Anomalies and at meryltruett.com.

Meryl, on her work. "Growing up in the South has given me a rare vantage point from which to observe the ever-changing landscape of a region in transition. I am drawn to the images that are so familiar, yet so alien to me. From crude back-roads signs to eccentric and sometimes humorous records of the quirky manifestations of Southern culture, my photographs capture a particular vision of vanishing iconography and a certain moment in time."

"I seek to collect, document, and preserve the objects, signs, and places of my memory before the infiltration of development and corporate mono-culture transforms the landscape forever."

"I mainly shoot with a plastic Holga-type camera. I love the unexpected distorted quality of the cheap lens juxtaposed with the finer grain of the larger 120 negative. The look is just right for the funky retro subject manner of roadside Americana."

During a string of Fridays we featured a single work from a photographer, with a link to his or her online portfolio and a few words.