What's All This Then?

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What's All This Then?

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Monday Edition

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Something Impossibly Stupid

At lunch yesterday, browsing through the various trade magazines that come our way, we came across an ad for Equal, the sugar-substitute sweetner, on the back of Restaurant News. This simple ad featured an attractive woman smiling, drinking coffee, and a quote (presumeably from said attractive woman), which read:

"I love the food here, so deciding what to order is always tough. But at least one thing's a no-brainer - I take my coffee with Equal. Every time. That's what's great about this place; sure the daily special changes, but there's always Equal at every table. Which is just the way I want it. Because some days I have a taste for pasta, but I always have a taste for Equal."

For some reason, we began throwing ideas back and forth about taking the quote out of context and making it very absurd. And so, never ones to throw away a silly idea on a Thursday afternoon right after lunch, we got out the camera and followed through with the plan. Here are the results.

Apologies to everyone else in the studio who had to overhear us trying to get through this scene without cracking up. There were well over fifty takes.