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What's All This Then?

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Layer Tennis Weekly Promos

Flipping Out

Before each of our live Layer Tennis matches, Bryan puts on his referee get-up and Steve grabs the camera and we create a short, silent clip of the official coin-toss which determines which player will get to go first. Here are the previous tosses:

Season Three
Week 16: Noper vs Reyes (Finals)
Week 15: Semi-Finals
Week 14: Single-Elimination Post-Season Tournament II
Week 13: Single-Elimination Post-Season Tournament I
Week 12: Oleg Pashchencko vs Adam Hill
Week 11: Olly Moss vs Tom Whalen
Week 10: Mike Monteiro vs Jennifer Daniel
Week 9: Jessica Hische vs Mig Reyes
Week 8: Oliver Reichenstein vs Tom Muller
Week 7: Dustin Hostetler vs Radim Malinic
Week 6: Brian Taylor vs Davin Risk
Week 5: Frank Chimero vs Kate Bingaman-Burt
Week 4: Scott Thomas vs Mark Weaver
Week 3: Labor Day Break
Week 2: Brendan Dawes vs Joshua Davis
Week 1: Stevens vs Vit / Campbell vs Scamihorn

Exhibition Matches
Exhibition: Around the World
Exhibition: Whitehouse vs Beast
Exhibition: Smithson vs Oeffinger
Exhibition: Hamid vs Javanrouh
Exhibition: Bruhn vs Simonson
Exhibition: Vinh vs Felton

Season Two
Week 18: Hubacek vs Inman (Finals)
Week 17: July 4th Break
Week 16: Semi-Finals
Week 15: Single-Elimination Post-Season Tournament II
Week 14: Single-Elimination Post-Season Tournament I
Week 13: Joakim Jansson vs Jakob Nylund
Week 12: But Does It Float vs ISO50
Week 11: Draplin vs Glass
Week 10: Dart vs Muller
Week 9: Brown vs McGrath
Week 8: Tamaki vs Daniel
Week 7: Cook vs Crowle
Week 6: Santa Maria vs Powazek
Week 5: Potts vs Vit
Week 4: Jones vs Grzeca
Week 3: Werk Stockholm vs Digital Kitchen Chicago
Week 2: Ansara vs Hunting
Week 1: Dawes vs Kalmikoff

Season One
Week 15: Season Finale
Week 14: Nominees Please
Week 13: Pieters vs Li
Week 12: Owens vs Gnewikow
Week 11: Koxvold vs Dougherty-Johnson
Week 10: Van Meter vs Hutchinson
Week 9: Thanksgiving Hiatus
Week 8: Draplin vs Nakamoto
Week 7: Hansen vs Cordiner
Week 6: Bantjes vs Vit
Week 5: Taylor vs Santa Maria (Halloween)
Week 4: Hamid vs Glass

Check out the Layer Tennis archives to see who won these matches and sign up for Season Tickets free.

Layer Tennis

Layer Tennis is a live competition in which two designers swap a file back and forth in real time, progressively adding layers and revising the artwork. Their "volleys" are posted live while a third person provides smart and/or smart-alecky commentary. Check out all the previous matches and the ones to come at Layer Tennis HQ.

Layer Tennis is a production of Coudal Partners in Chicago and is presented by Adobe® Creative Suite® 5.