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What's All This Then?

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House Guests

Each month we ask someone to help us out posting to Fresh Signals and here are all the folks that have been good enough to pitch in. They all have their own individual talents and tastes but they all share one other thing, our undying gratitude.

this month's guest

Todd Tue (tt) is a Chicago-based director and editor of documentaries, music videos, and promotional shorts, all under the umbrella of his company, Milk Products Media. Tue has collaborated on award-winning and festival-recognized films such as Charlie Louvin: Still Rattlin' the Devil's Cage and Seven Signs: Music, Myth & The American South. He has directed and produced several book trailers for Yale University Press and Riverhead Books, including promos for the most recent books by Greil Marcus and Sarah Vowell. He is a big fan of the Chicago International Music and Movie Fest and is looking forward to having some recent projects featured in the 2015 festival. When not gazing lovingly at his daughters, Tue can be found drinking coffee and getting excited about things. Updates, musings and whatnot at Tumblr, Twitter at @milkmedia, and for the month of January, right here as our Guest Editor.

Kate Harding is co-author of The Book of Jezebel and Lessons from the Fat-o-Sphere, and author of the forthcoming Asking for It: The Alarming Rise of Rape Culture - and What We Can Do About It. Find her on Twitter at @kateharding. and regularly at Dame Magazine. And for the final month of 2014, she'll be right here, as our Guest Editor.

Jeremy J. Quinn (jq) is an architect with a multidisciplinary practice, JJQAD, which is based in Los Angeles and just celebrated its one-year anniversary. His work spans the fields of architecture, graphic design, installation art, set design and experimental music and often takes the form of collaborations with other creative people in many fields. His days are packed, exploring the wilderness surrounding LA, checking out the burgeoning LA art and design scenes and trying to get back some of his high school skateboarding skills. He can be found at @JeremyJQuinn and, more often on Tumblr, posting photos from his trusty Yashica medium format camera. For the month of September, he'll be right here with us, serving as our Guest Editor

Carly Oishi (cao) is the Chicago-based co-producer of Miss Spoken, a blog and monthly live lit show. She has performed at The Paper Machete, Write Club and Guts & Glory, and she has contributed to Thought Catalog, Rebellious Magazine, and as the "Wise Woman of the Week" on WBEZ's sister station, Vocalo. Carly is also a singer/songwriter for the duo Jon & Carly, who have been making and performing music for more than a decade. You can follow her on Twitter at @carlyo and for the month of July, right here as our official Guest Editor.

Kelly O'Connor McNees (kmc) is the author of three novels: The Island of Doves, The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott, and In Need of a Good Wife, which was a finalist for the 2012 Willa Award. She also runs Word Bird Editorial Services, through which she helps authors of all stripes improve their craft and prepare their writing for publication. Kelly is from Michigan, but she lives in Rogers Park with her husband and daughter. For the month of May, she'll be right here with us, serving as our Guest Editor. May 2014.

Robert McNees (rmc) is an Assistant Professor of Physics at Loyola University. Before settling down in Chicago his research took him all over the world to exotic locations like Texas, Michigan, Rhode Island, and Ontario. He's the author of twenty-some-odd mostly readable papers about general relativity, cosmology, and string theory, and was recently named a KITP Scholar at the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics in Santa Barbara. If you so much as make eye contact with him, he will assume you want to hear about black holes right now. He can be found on Twitter, or else holed up in his lakeside office of solitude, somewhere in the snowy wastes of Rogers Park.

M. Molly Backes (mmb) is the author of the young adult novel The Princesses of Iowa. In addition to writing novels, Molly is a member of the 2012 class of bloggers at The Debutante Ball, pens the "Writing Tips" column for The Prairie Wind (the newsletter of the Illinois Chapter of SCBWI), and occasionally even updates her own blog. Molly has lived in Wisconsin, Iowa, Massachusetts, and New Mexico, and now lives in Rogers Park in Chicago with her retired racing greyhound, Zia. Molly is on Twitter at @mollybackes and for the month of January, right here as our Guest Editor. January, 2014.

About 6 years ago, we ran an experiment where we invited all the previous Guest Editors from all those many previous months and years to come back to the site for a very special holiday edition. Turns out, it was fun and we've repeated the tradition every once in a while. Now that it's been a couple of years since the last go 'round, we thought we'd try it again with our editors from all of 2012 and 2013. For the month of December, the former Editors will be sharing their favorite holiday and/or winter links. Seasonal drinks for Friday Drink Links. Photosets that make those in warm climates pine for snow and those bundled up in ten layers just to walk a city block, just the opposite. Whatever their links are, we'll be labeling all our return Guests (dec) for their contributions and of course, letting you know who said what. December, 2013.

Mark Greenberg (mgb) owns and operates the Chicago-based, music-for-use company, the Mayfair Workshop. He was founding member of the Coctails, and plays with bands Eleventh Dream Day, Archer Prewitt, and Candy Golde. Mark also works as studio manager for Wilco's Chicago recording studio The Loft. In the '90s, he worked as the booking assistant at the legendary and beloved (and greatly missed) rock club Lounge Ax. He lives on the northwest side of Chicago with his wife and three kids, who he also makes music with when they find the time. For the month of November, he'll be right here, serving as our Guest Editor.

Margot Harrington (mah) is the owner and founder of the Chicago-based Pitch Design Union, the design firm she launched in 2008. Handling everything from coding to packaging, mobile apps to branding, Margot has worked for clients, collaborators and comrades that include IDEO, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Post Family, VSA Partners, and Aeolidia (be sure to check out her work on the book Building: Inside Studio Gang Architects). In addition, she is also an accomplished artist, regularly appearing in exhibitions with her printmaking work. Margot is on Twitter at @pitchdesign and for the month of October, she'll be right here, stepping in as our Guest Editor. October, 2013.

Max Temkin (mt), whom the Washington Post once described as "baby-faced and boyish," is based in Chicago and runs the site Maxistentialism. As a designer, he has worked on branding and websites for the Obama campaign, as well as the Hotel Rwanda Rusesabagina Foundation, among others. He has also helped co-create the games, Humans Vs. Zombies, and the wildly popular, Cards Against Humanity. Max has also provided arguably the world's most definitive guide to the game Werewolf. For the month of August, he'll be here with us, stepping in as our Guest Editor. August, 2013.

Steve Gadlin (gad) is a writer and performer, and founder and president of Blewt!, the fearlessly absurd Chicago-based company responsible for the popular live shows, Impress These Apes, Don't Spit the Water, and Talkin' Funny, as well as projects like Two Film T-Shirts (which finally solved the problem of being able to have the names of two films printed on a single t-shirt at the same time) and The Nairobi Project, a play written by an e-mail spammer for $50. Steve is perhaps best known for I Want to Draw a Cat for You, which is exactly what it sounds like (Steve will draw a cat for you for $9.95). That project wound up landing him an appearance on the TV show Shark Tank and having his company invested in by Mark Cuban. To date, Steve has hand-drawn nearly 13,000 cats. He'll be resting his drawing hand on and off throughout this month, as he steps in as our Guest Editor. July, 2013.

Sarah Collins (sco) lives in Chicago, as close to the mayor's house as she can afford. She currently works for Grid, the Chicago Sun-Times business magazine, as the managing editor digital. Before that she was at The A.V. Club, and before that she wrote about music all over the place. When she's not at work, she spends her time assembling records for Underground Communique and trying not to trip over boxes. Right now she's in the middle of a Buffy re-watch, and finds that the background noise of her dog chewing a bone really gives the show some more depth. June, 2013.

Eric Smith (esm) is a Chicago-based designer and creative director currently working with Guaranteed Rate, located just five blocks from his home. He's spent time as Design Director for BenchPrep, a Lightbank funded start-up, and at Playboy doing both print and digital design. His two sons keep him busy providing assistance with all things Star Wars. In his free time, he draws Mythical Beasts, and keeps a constant eye out for the Hobo typeface on his blog, Hobo Shelter. For the month of May, Eric joins us as our Guest Editor.

Andi Butler (ab) is an illustrator and surface (print and pattern) designer who lives in the far northwest, sleepy suburbs of Chicago with her 8, 10, and 46-year-old boys. The owner of the eponymous Andi Butler Studio and Workshop, she has worked with Klutz/Scholastic in illustrating books, Highlights for Children, and Fisher Price, as well as working in character development for toys. Her work has won numerous awards and she's all over the internet. For the month of April, she'll be lending us her link-finding talents as Andi steps in as our Guest Editor for April.

The Late Live Show (lls) is the Chicago-based, popular late-night talk show. It's been featured in Maxim, Splitsider, and the A.V. Club. Hosted by comedian Joe Kwaczala, the show boasts a staff of some of the city's sharpest comedy writers, whose credits include Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the Onion News Network, and Funny or Die. The show will be premiering its sixth and final season at the iO Theater on Saturday March 23 at midnight, and for the month of March, Joe and the writers of the Late Live Show will step in as our Guest Editors. March, 2013.

Jon Drawdoer (jdr) lives in Chicago and makes graphics for not-for-profit clients such as The Field Museum, Adler Planetarium, Urban Libraries Council, and many others, and also works with several real estate and equity investment concerns. Jon is affiliated with Windy City Performing Arts in development and philanthropy, pursuing their mission of diversity, creativity, and pride though music and the arts. Jon is the cartoonist and publisher of print comic books through his Drawdoer Comics, whose titles include the infamous Infinite Jest Tijuana Bible and Be the Comics.

Monique Madrid (mm) seemingly has all sides of the performing world covered. Based in Chicago, Monique has worked as a comedian, actor, and improvisor in her own shows, and for companies such as The Second City, iO, ComedySportz, as well as in commercials, films, and even children's' shows, like the Emmy-winning Green Screen Adventures. As a writer, Monique has contributed to McSweeney's, Schadenfreude, and Paper Machete, among others. With her company Monique Madrid Styling, she has carefully looked after hair, makeup and styling for hundreds of productions, weddings, head shots, and live events. For the month of January, Monique will be right here, adding yet another entry into her "skills" category, as she serves as our Guest Editor. January, 2013.

Kate O'Leary (ko) is a Chicago-based artist, illustrator, art director, and surface designer. Originally from Westerville, Ohio, she's lived and worked in Chicago for the past thirteen years, save for one brief year when she resided in Hakodate, Japan. She has worked with clients such as the Lincoln Park Zoo, Hasbro, Craft Magazine, UPS, and Wells Fargo, among many others, and her work has been seen in numerous gallery exhibitions and profiled profusely in outlets like American Illustration and Chicago Art Magazine. For the month of December, you can find Kate right here, serving as our Guest Editor. December, 2012.

Melissa Dixon (md) is the Owner and Creative Director of Blufish Design in Starkville, Mississippi, which lies just east of the I-55 and serves as the college-town home of Mississippi State, where Melissa received her BFA in design. She joined Blufish's Tempe, AZ office in 2002 while her husband was working toward his PhD at Arizona State. In 2005, she headed back to her native state and opened the Starkville office, putting together all manner of identity, collateral, and advertising work for a wide variety of clients. For the month of November, Melissa steps in as our Guest Editor. November, 2012.

Dan Henrick (dh) is a Chicago-based illustrator, animator and web designer. Most recently, there's a good chance you likely saw Dan's animated series for the AV Club, Stand Down, which offered up re-tellings of stand-up comedians' worst stage experiences. Included in the mix were Patton Oswalt, Maria Bamford, and Jen Kirkman. Dan has also created video games and t-shirts for Maximum Fun's popular podcast Jordan, Jesse Go!, poster art for the Oshima Board of Education, and online calendars, games and art for Playboy. October, 2012.

Erica Reid (er) is a comedian, choreographer and producer in Chicago. She is a member of Blewt! Productions, where she performs in and produces the critically acclaimed shows Don't Spit the Water! and Impress These Apes! among many other weird and delightful projects. She is currently choreographing the burlesque revue Boobs of the Dead: A Walking Dead Burlesque with Gorilla Tango Burlesque, which opens in October. She reviews weird and unusual liquors on the show Drunk Monkeys. Erica originally made her CP debut choreographing a big dance number for the latest season of Layer Tennis, and returns to the scene of the crime as she steps in as our Guest Editor. September, 2012.

Ali Klingler (neé Ali Weiss) is a video editor, producer and writer. She has worked for corporate, media and not-for-profit clients, including theWit hotel, NBCChicago, 24/7 Chicago, the Illinois Environmental Council, and various performers and theater companies. The definition of a modern, multi-talented artist, Ali is also a published playwright and has written for Time Out, New City, NBCChicago, Cheeky and the KEXP music blog. She has a background in improv and sketch comedy and teaches kids' classes at Second City. Ali is also co-creator and a staff writer of the popular live magazine, The Paper Machete. She's a native New Yorker, a proud adopted Chicagoan, a brand-new new mom, and for the month of August, our Guest Editor (ak). August, 2012.

"Tay-uh Lucks" is how you would pronounce the name Thea Lux (tl), the Chicago-based actor, writer, comedian, and musician-type, who promises to represent herself equally in all categories. She is one of the founding members of the actively-collaborative theater company, The New Colony, and is a Joseph Jefferson Award recipient for her hipster bluegrass music in the production, That Sordid Little Story. Thea is also a member of the band, The Nurse Novels, whose latest album is available here. She's a contributor to The Snackpot. An avid rain-or-shine cyclist, you can often find Thea riding to performances throughout Chicago, catch her crocheting afghans or hamburgers, or track her down on Twitter or her site. For this whole month, she'll be right here, serving as our Guest Editor. July, 2012.

Scott Smith (ss) runs the site Our Man in Chicago, and is the Director of Digital Strategy for Chicago magazine. Scott has also written and edited for a variety of publications including Time Out Chicago, Chicagoist and Playboy.com, as well as a popping up all over the city as a regular contributor and commentator for WGN, Chicago Tonight, the podcast Filmspotting, and at a whole host of various local readings, conferences, and classrooms. He once engaged in a public feud with '80s rocker Richard Marx (which was later immortalized in a YouTube video), and in his spare time enjoys comic books (especially Superman), whiskey, video games, the oeuvres of Queen and The Faces and the Atlantic Rhythm and Blues boxed set. June, 2012.

Nick Butcher and Nadine Nakanishi (nn) first met while interning at Punk Planet Magazine and The Bird Machine, two of Chicago's most beloved cultural institutions. Following their work there, they decided to open a studio together in 2006, naming it Sonnenzimmer. It's there that Nadine realized she really just wanted to make posters with no type on them, despite years of typography education in her native Switzerland. Nick, who studied graphic design, found that he just wanted to make paintings. Their firm now merges typography, printmaking, graphic design and fine art to create hand-crafted posters, books, and music packaging for a wide array of projects and clients. They're particularly proud of their work with Chicago's bustling free jazz and improvised music community, finding a place where experimentation and abstraction are both respected and demanded. That said, we're expecting lots of interesting and varied links as Nick and Nadine step in as our Guest Editors. May, 2012.

Christopher Jobson (cj) is the creator and editor of the art, design, and physical craft blog, Colossal, which he runs with the goal of never making a conscious decision about its direction other than providing "a constant source of visual goodness." Based in Chicago, by day Christopher works as a web designer and "creator of digital things." In addition to the blog, he is also a regular contributor to Wired, as well as designboom. He can be found at @itscolossal on Twitter, and for the month of April, right here on Coudal, as Christopher steps in as our Guest Editor. April, 2012.

Veronica Corzo-Duchardt (vcd) is a Chicago-based designer and art director who runs the firm Winterbureau and serves as an adjunct faculty member at the Harrington College of Design. She has worked for the record labels V2, Sony, and Arista, the magazines Surface and Blackbook, among many other clients, including the School of the Art Institute, Smashbox Studios, and the PBS/NPR affiliate WHYY in Philadelphia. Her personal work has been exhibited internationally and is held in permanant collections at the Newberry Library, the Museum of Design in Zurich, and the Joan Flasch Artist's Book Collection. Veronica also runs the Neche Collection, a fascinating project that documents the objects collected by her grandfather, Neche Eugenio Hadad. She can be found on Twitter at @winterbureau and for the month of March, right here, as we're very fortunate to have her as our Guest Editor.

Megan Stielstra (mgs) is a Chicago-based writer and expert of all things literary. She spends her days teaching at both Columbia College and the University of Chicago, as well as serving as the Literary Director of the the popular storytelling series, 2nd Story (if you've never been to one, do yourself a big favor and go). Her story collection, Everyone Remain Calm was published to rave reviews in October, and her fiction and essays have appeared in places like Other Voices, Punk Planet, and Monkeybicycle, among many others. A regular at literary events, Megan has told stories at Steppenwolf, Chicago Public Radio, the Goodman Theater, and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Online, you can find Megan at her site, on Twitter at @meganstielstra, and in one of her latest projects, Times Are Tough All Over (more info here). And for the month of February, you can find her right here, graciously stepping in as our Guest Editor.

Andy Schwegler and Julie Morelli (let) are the co-owners, operators and designers of Letterform, which just this month is celebrating its fifth anniversary. The company specializes in all things print design, incorporating hand lettering, photography, illustration, or whatever a particular project calls for. Their wide assortment of clients include the Ann Arbor Film Festival, Trunk Club, Quack! Media, Nice Cream, and Chicago musician Neil Dixon Smith. Andy and Julie also run Nourishing Notes, where they serve as the designers, illustrators and printers of their own line of foodie stationary. And as if that weren't enough, they fill whatever free time they have brewing their own beer, making their own mustard, experimenting in the kitchen, and buying books about typography. They can be found on Twitter at @letterforminc and for the month of January, they'll be right here, serving as our Guest Editors.

A few years back, we thought it might be a fun experiment to invite all the previous Guest Editors from all those many previous months and years and bring them on for a very special holiday edition. Turns out, it was fun, so why not do it again? For the whole month of December, former Guest Editors will be sharing their favorite holiday and/or winter links. Seasonal drinks for Friday Drink Links. Photosets that make those in warm climates pine for snow and those bundled up in ten layers just to walk a city block, just the opposite. We'll be labeling all our many guests (dec) for their contributed links and of course, letting you know who said what.

Nick Campbell (nic) is a Chicago-based entrepreneur and motion graphics enthusiast who is perhaps best known as "The Gorilla," the unstoppable beast behind the popular site Greyscale Gorilla. Having previously worked for Digital Kitchen where he animated commercials and title sequences for the likes of Target, Dexter, the Obama 2008 campaign, and The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien, Nick left the post-house world to start his own iPhone photo app company, the Banana Camera Co. On his site, he offers up tutorials, advice and invaluable plugins related to all things motion graphics and 3D software, and serving as one of the most popular online destinations to learn how to do super cool stuff. His "random bloggy-blog" can be found at Nickvegas.tv and his collaboration with fellow musician Benny Monson in attempting to write, record and perform one new song per month can be found at Campbell & Monson. Somehow between doing all of that, Nick will step in as our Guest Editor. November, 2011.

John Sellers (jse) is a writer based in Brooklyn whose books include Perfect From Now On, a memoir about indie rock and befriending Guided by Voices, Arcade Fever: The Fan's Guide to the Golden Age of Video Games, whose subject matter is described in the title, and his latest, The Old Man and the Swamp, which is best described as John's "journey to search for snakes with his eccentric, aging father." In addition to writing books, he's a regular contributor to New York and Spin, and has written for the likes of GQ, the Atlantic, Sports Illustrated, The Believer, and the New York Times to name a very small few. Randomly, it should be noted that John was also the world champion of Donkey Kong in 1983 and was a staff writer at Who Wants to Be a Millionaire in its heyday. He can be found regularly on Twitter at @johnsellers and, for the month of October, right here serving as our Guest Editor.

Emory Allen (ea) is the Minneapolis-based designer behind OcularInvasion, plying his trade in particular with fluid, active, and utterly captivating illustrations and typography, both for himself and "drawing pretty pictures for cool people." His clients include Neff Headwear, Catune Records, Single Hop, Xoopii Heavy Industries and the Brown Alumni Magazine, among many others. His personal work has been exhibited in galleries around the country and internationally, as well as online, including a number of great matches in the third season of Layer Tennis, taking him all the way to the playoffs. Based on his work, expect a lot of great, eye-grabbing, brain-melting links as Emory steps in as our Guest Editor. September, 2011.

Gregory Hubacek (gh) is a freelance designer living in Los Angeles. Originally from Cedar Rapids, he's roamed around the Midwest and East Coast working for a number of great design firms like Space 150 and Fame, and turning out some stellar work in the process. Ultimately deciding to go it alone out west just a few months back, he now freelances full time and Twitters about at @ghubacek. If you're a Layer Tennis fan, you'll likely remember Season Two where Gregory shocked the establishment by rising all the way from playing in a late season Qualifying Match to plowing through the competition throughout the entire postseason, eventually landing in the finals. Warning us that "there might be a high ratio of car and rap posts," something we're perfectly fine with, a big welcome to Gregory as he steps in as our Guest Editor. August, 2011.

Aaron Scamihorn (as) describes himself as a "friendlier-than-I-look dude," but based off of this photo of himself he sent us, we're not going to take any chances and be extra nice to him. By day, Aaron works as a designer at the firm Mediasauce, based just outside of Indianapolis. Outside of there, he's an accomplished and talented illustrator, screen printing gig posters for the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, Mayer Hawthorne, and Cake, as well as magazines such as Usbek et Rica, Carne, and Droga Mag. We got to know Aaron back in 2009, when he battled it out and made it to the Layer Tennis playoffs. He returned last season and duked it out in a battle for the ages against Nick Campbell, one of the most fun matches in recent history. Outside of all of that designing and completing, Aaron runs the site Ronlewhorn, a pseudonym he created for himself during a typography class wherein he took parts of his name and merged them all together. Whatever you'd like to call him, he served as our Guest Editor in July, 2011.

Wendy McClure (wm) is a prolific Chicago-based writer of remarkable wit. An MFA graduate in poetry from the Iowa Writer's Workshop, Wendy is a part-time senior editor at Albert Whitman & Company, where she has edited over 50 novels for children, as well as having written (and ghostwritten) a few of her own. Her writing has appeared in the NY Times Magazine, the Sun-Times, Bitch, and Glamour, among many other magazines, anthologies, pieces for NPR affiliate WBEZ, and a regular column in Bust. She's also written several highly-recommended books, including the memoir I'm Not the New Me, based on her popular blog, Pound. Her second book, The Amazing Mackerel Pudding Plan offered up a collection of her commentary on vintage Weight Watcher recipe cards. Most recently, Riverhead published her latest, The Wilder Life: My Adventures in the Lost World of Little House on the Prairie, which traces Wendy's obsession with Laura Ingalls Wilder and the Little House series (she helped promote the book with one of our favorite Twitter feeds, @HalfPintIngalls). June, 2011.

Chris Sienko (cs) is a man of many interests and is perhaps the best person to stand next to at any social event, given his ability to speak about most anything you throw at him (we say this from experience). A small peek into the inner workings of his mighty mind, Chris runs the blog New Ears, covers experimental and offbeat music in Chicago for Gapers Block, and is a contributor to the webzine, Blastitude. He's also the co-writer/editor of the experimental music magazine, As Loud As Possible, and occasionally curates film festivals, in particular his brilliant Stiff Leg Film Festival, wherein every single movie made by an actor or director is screened over the course of a long, sleepless weekend. Chris loves "music, noise, and all the grey areas in between," so we're expecting lots of great, unexpected, interesting links as he steps in as our Guest Editor. May, 2011.

Mike Sacks (mks) is long-time friend of CP and one of the esteemed few to appear in each of our three editions of Field-Tested Books. Based in New York, Mike is an editor at Vanity Fair and has written for Esquire, GQ, the New Yorker, McSweeney's, Radar, MAD, the New York Observer, The Believer, Vice, Maxim, Women's Health, Salon, and many more. His first book, And Here's the Kicker: Conversations with 21 Humor Writers About Their Craft, which featured the likes of David Sedaris, Bob Odenkirk, Al Jaffee and Buck Henry, was released in 2009. He co-wrote the book Sex: Our Bodies, Our Junk, and his most recent, Your Wildest Dreams, Within Reason, a collection of his humor pieces, was released last month. April, 2011.

Jim Hughes (jh) is the editor and chief curator of Codex xcix, a blog about the history of visual art and graphic design, running the gamut from books, typography, illustrations, maps, photographs, posters and everything in between. As you'd imagine, that's a lot of ground to cover, but cover it he does, finding the perfect content to post when, as he paraphrases Justice Potter Steward, "I'll know it when I see it." We particularly love that the Codex archives follow an historic order instead of the traditional "date something was posted" method. Jim also runs Brick Fetish, a site dedicate to sharing and collecting the history of Lego. Despite all of his expertise and heady curating, his goal in life "is to be featured on TMZ, preferably with Lindsay Lohan." Here's to hoping his time serving as our Guest Editor in March helps him get at least one step closer to that dream. March, 2011.

Jami Attenberg (jat) is the Brooklyn-based author of Instant Love, The Kept Man, and her most recent novel, The Melting Season, which was just released in paperback last month. She's also written for nearly every major magazine, newspaper and literary journal in the country, with pieces about sex, technology, design, graphic novels, books, television and urban life appearing in the NY Times, Salon, Print, the SF Chronicle, Nerve, and many, many more. She launched her popular blog Whatever-Whenever in 1998, which is when she also began working in interactive advertising, a field she continues to work in alongside all her writing. Jami also has the world's greatest bike theft story, one that received international attention last summer and rightly so. After you read that, come back here and join us for what's sure to be a fun month as Jami serves as our Guest Editor for February. February, 2011.

Lisa Leone (ll) is an art director, copywriter and creative director by trade. Her sense of style and slightly-off humor have worked their way into campaigns for many recognizable brands and won a few awards here and there, but she's most proud that her work was once mentioned in an Onion article. Lisa also writes when the mood strikes, and her work as a "writer-writer" can be found on her portfolio site, as well. Lisa can, at times, be downright blunt and extremely abrasive, but her family meatball recipe, homemade chocolate cookies, pleasant speaking voice and witty Facebook status updates are the sole reason she is allowed to live and remains accepted by mainstream society. Any quirks found in Lisa's personality can be traced back to being a closet 12-year-old Monty Python fan in a small east coast town overpopulated by Roman Catholics. January, 2011.

Emily Taylor (ems) is a Chicago based industrial designer who works in package design and at her co-founded company, Po Campo. It's there where she designs and develops their fabulous and functional bike accessories for women; all made in Chicago. In her condensed spare time Emily volunteers for community based projects including serving on a Park District board and aiding in developing public art projects. We're expecting a diverse range of links from bikes to green design to cats, as Emily always has her toes in everything. December, 2010.

Andre Torrez (at) is a man who has long since had the internet at his command, or as Anil Dash once put it, an "interweb technology mastermind." Based out of San Francisco, Andre's formerly the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Federated Media, with careers before that including the Director of Technology at Ignited Minds, developer behind countless sites, and a whole slew of other accomplishments to lengthy to list in just one short paragraph. This summer, he decided to head out on his own to consult and form the company Simpleform with his wife, both of whom plan to make the internet an even more awesome place one new site at a time (their first client project was creating the backend for Gourmet Live for Conde Nast). He can be found regularly on his Twitter feed and his Happy Notes blog, or wherever video games or Spanish/English football is playing. And for the the month of November, he'll be here as our Guest Editor, making our slice of the internet all the better for it.

Phineas X. Jones (pxj) travels in many of the same circles as we do. Out at a design event? Hey, there's Phineas! A party for literary types? Look over there, it's Phineas. This is a man who knows what's what. When he's not busy being at places, he's a stellar designer, running the gamut from web work to photography to what he's perhaps best known for: his illustrations. He's made gorgeous, hand-printed posters, which he sells at Octophant, and has drawn for clients as varied as Best Buy and Chupa Chups Whistle Pops. And if you happen to have had a Half Acre beer recently, there's a good chance he made the label for it. In between all of this, he also finds time to tweet and play Layer Tennis matches. October, 2010.

Mig Reyes (mgr) is a designer's designer. Having worked for clients like Segura Inc., Rand McNally, and Harley-Davidson, he now spends his days designing at everyone's favorite t-shirt company, Threadless. His nights are occupied working on projects like Humbled Pie, a site dedicated to hearing words of wisdom and advice by people in all types of creative industry. Mig also serves as a mentor for AIGA's Chicago chapter and teaches at The Chicago Portfolio School, so you know he must be a stand up guy. Catch up with him on a minute-by-minute basis on his Twitter feed. September, 2010.

Herman Yung (hy) runs the always terrific Doobybrain, a blog dedicated to music, fashion, art, and pop culture, where it seems like there's always something new no matter how many times you visit throughout the day (for us, it's lots). Born in Miami and raised in New York, where he currently lives, Herman graduated last year from Parsons, The New School for Design. An avid photographer, he spends his days as a studio assistant and working on projects for his own photography site. Outside of all that, he's also an urban explorer and an avid cyclist (make sure to check out his various bike-cam experiments). Given all his interests, expect a wide assortment of great links as Herman steps in as our Guest Editor. August, 2010.

Colleen Wainwright (cw) is the Los Angeles-based force behind Communicatrix, a name she came up with for herself after having become a writer-speaker-layabout and had "hit three hyphens." A former children's television writer, playwright, commercial actor, and advertising copywriter (where she once wrote a Wheaties campaign for Michael Jordan, "reason enough for quitting your day job"), the jack-of-all-trades Wainwright now spends her time consulting and getting hired out for speaking engagements to talk about marketing, new media, and communications. We'd like to know about all of that stuff, so as she takes over guest editing duties for us here in July, we'll be trying to glean as much as we can.

Kristen Richards (kr) is perhaps your best go-to when you want to know what's going on in architecture. The editor-in-chief of ArchNewsNow, a daily newsletter featuring all the latest news about the business of building, we're always plenty pleased when Kristen drops us a line to show us some impressive new structure being constructed somewhere in the world. On top of the newsletter, as well as the many panels and juries she regularly serves on, she also edits both Oculus magazine and e-Oculus for the American Institute of Architects' New York chapter. As we enter the summer and architecture exhibitions and events kick off, expect to see some great new buildings, both completed and imagined, as Kristen steps in as our Guest Editor. June, 2010.

Keith Scharwath (ksc) is a Los Angeles-based designer, illustrator and art director, and one of our favorites in each category. If you read GOOD magazine, there's a 99.9% chance that you're familiar with his work, particularly if you picked up their recent spring edition, "The Neighborhoods Issue," which Keith served as their Guest Art Director, wherein he helped assemble 70+ artists to participate. He also created the poster, title graphics and everything in between for the excellent documentary about designers, Beautiful Losers, which you should either rush out to see or watch again. He's also created installations for Nike, worked with a wide assortment of clients from The Gap to Adidas to Sony, and when he's not busy with the ink and pen (digital or otherwise), runs the stellar Carwash Blog. May, 2010.

Though not our first Ohioans, Northcoast Zeitgeist (ncz), is maybe our first coupled pair of Guest Editors. The site is run by Casey Myers, a photographer and PhD student, and Joseph Hughes, an ad agency art director. They describe themselves as "two hard-working progressive Midwesterners" and that's entirely apt. Beyond their own work-for-hire and personal projects, their site is dedicated to sharing with the world everything that's great about Northeast Ohio (with particular emphasis on Kent, Ohio). If you were previously unaware of what's going on in this part of the country, we have a feeling you're about to get educated, as the powerful pair that is Northcoast Zeitgeist steps in as our Guest Editors. April, 2010.

It would be one thing to try and put together a collection of a single favorite designer's work, but assembling a mass from all the great designers in an entire country? Such is the monumental task the brave souls at the Canadian Design Resource (cdr) have set for themselves. If it's design and it's Canadian, they've likely either already cataloged it or it's on their to-do list. The Resource itself is an offshoot of their wider umbrella, Motherbrand, which consists of Todd Falkowsky, Michael Erdmann and John Ryan who describe the firm as "a creative studio with broad expertise in content, experience and brand design," which between the lines means "they do a lot of different stuff," much of it intent on showing just how cool Canadian design is. So expect a lot of great links from north of the border as all three step in as our Guest Editors. March, 2010.

Josh Berta (jbe) is the clever brain behind Pr*tty Sh*tty, a blog dedicated to sticking inspiring design right next to awe-inspiringly bad design to help illustrate the remarkable distance between the two. In his professional life, Josh himself knows only work of the good variety, spending his days as a Senior Designer at Piscatello Design Centre in New York. Before that, he worked for Michael Bierut at Pentagram. He's an active member of AIGA and SEGD, and because he's won a few awards for his work over the years, it seems perfectly fair to refer to him as an Award-Winning Guest Editor. February, 2010.

You know Rob Walker (rw) from at least one thing or another, but very likely more than just from a single source. You've most definitely bookmarked his popular, always entertaining blog Murketing, or caught his regular appearances as a contributor for the New York Times Magazine (including a piece he was nice enough to write about our Swap Meat project a couple years back). Or you've been enjoying his latest, curated project, Significant Objects, where he and co-editor Josh Glenn asked writers to create stories and give meaning to inexpensive items found at thrift stores or garage sales. There's also a good chance you've read one of his books, including Letters From New Orleans or his latest, Buying In: The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy And Who We Are (now in paperback). And remember the guy with all the best, funniest quotes in Objectified? Rob again. And now we're adding another outlet to where you'll know him from, as he steps in as our Guest Editor. January, 2010.

Instead of inviting a single Guest Editor for the month of December, we thought it might be fun to invite all the original ones back. Since the cold and the holidays are upon us, we've invited each of our former Guest Editors to submit their favorite winter and holiday-related links. Songs and videos they return to this time each year. Seasonal drinks for Friday Drink Links. Photosets that make those in warm climates pine for snow and those bundled up in ten layers just to walk a city block, just the opposite. We'll be labeling all our many guests (dec) for their contributed links and of course, letting you know who said what. December, 2009.

Antonio Carusone (ac) is more than a renaissance man, in that he knows far more than just a little about a lot of different things. A designer, typographer, and photographer all rolled into one, Carusone spends his days moving between all three in his role as an Associate Art Director at Ogilvy in New York. Whatever additional time he has left he dedicates to his other outlets, AisleOne, a great design blog you should bookmark immediately, and The Grid System, a very valuable compendium of all things grid (ditto on the bookmarking), both of which live under the banner of the Thinking for a Living Network, a collaborative group of design-focused sites. November, 2009.

Leonard Pierce (lp) is a writer who "wanders around Texas with no sleep or sense of direction." By day, he works for National Geographic's school publishing division, organizing wisdom about the world to give to America's children. His writing has appeared in Spin, URB, the Village Voice, Metal Edge, and everywhere in between. He's appeared publicly at literary and writing festivals across the country, as well as having served as a presenter for the last three years at the Experience Music Project's Pop Conference. Leonard's also a very regular contributor to The Onion's A.V. Club and will be included in their upcoming book Inventory. He can be found calmly discussing politics and angrily ranting about pop-culture almost every day at the Ludic Log. October, 2009.

Joanna Walsh (jow) is a writer and illustrator who lives in the UK, but spends lots of time in Paris. She's worked for dozens of media outlets from the Observer to the New York Times, as well as "everything from animation to press to brand design to adverts for for Absinthe." If that weren't enough, Joanna also writes and illustrates children's books, serves as an editor for Style Bible and blogs for Guardian Books. She also runs her own incredibly addictive site, Badaude, which chronicles life and fashion in Paris -- if you've ever been tempted to ditch your current life, pack your bags, and start anew in the City of Lights, this is probably the blog for you. Joanna will also be returning to her roots soon, as she's currently writing and illustrating a book for Tate (UK) about London. September, 2009.

Andy Ross (aro) is a New York-based writer and comedian. In front of a mic doing stand-up, he has appeared nearly everywhere in NYC and twice that many rooms in Chicago, with lots of college appearances in-between. He has written for the Onion News Network, Second City, and our very own Field-Tested Books. Andy was a founding member of the very popular weekly stand-up showcase, Chicago Underground Comedy, and the monthly variety show at the Playground Theater "The Demon Who Never Appeared." Currently, he's been writing and performing a series of monologues, some of which he recently grouped together for his one-man show Melancomedy, that just closed out a month-long, very well received run at the Peoples Improv Theater. And if all that weren't enough, Andy is also a heck of an illustrator and designer. August, 2009.

Henry Cline (hcl) is a Los Angeles-based director of photography and camera operator who has likely worked on at least one of your favorite films if not many. Among his lengthy IMDB listing, you'll note that he's worked with Errol Morris on Fast, Cheap & Out of Control, Sam Raimi on Spider-Man 3, and on numerous films with David Mamet. And as if that weren't enough, he's also a heck of a nice guy whose great blog, Interactive Hank, you may have visited from our site due to the many vias we've attached to all the interesting links he's been kind enough to send us over the years. In the interest of cutting out the middle man in that process, at least for a month, Henry will be our Guest Editor. July, 2009.

Fuzzy Gerdes (fg) is a Chicago-based writer, director, improviser, and all around web-savvy character. A long-time friend of the agency, he's been a supporter of nearly every seat-of-our-pants idea we've tried out over the years (including a spot as a Layer Tennis competitor this season). A graphics technology specialist for a national magazine by day, among many other things, Fuzzy keeps a blog at FuzzyCo, is one-half of the improv group Bare, is a frequent contributor to Chicago Metblogs, and chronicles his daily alteration of signs for the benefit of juvenile-laugh seekers. June, 2009.

Ben Greenman (bg) is an editor at the New Yorker and the author of several acclaimed books of fiction, including Superbad, Superworse, and A Circle is a Balloon and Compass Both: Stories About Human Love. He has also written for countless esteemed publications such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Paris Review. Around CP, you've likely seen him serve as both a Field-Tested Books contributor and one of the greatest commentators ever to grace the Layer Tennis playing fields. Most recently, he released Correspondences, a limited-edition handcrafted letterpress publication created by Hotel St. George Press and is on tour through June to support his latest well-received novel, Please Step Back, published by Melville House. He is also a regular contributor to the music and psychology blog Moistworks. May, 2009.

Remodelista (rm) delivers a daily dose of home design and architecture with unerring style. Named a "number one blog crush" by Dwell in 2008, Remodelista is written by four women who care (intensely) about design and who follow architecture and home design news as passionately as some people follow baseball. Out of their devotion comes Remodelista, a finely edited sourcebook for the considered home: fixtures, hardware, and furnishings from around the globe. It's regularly read by architects, design professionals, style-conscious devotees worldwide, and everyone here at CP. April, 2009

The Denver Egotist (de) should be one of the first reads of the day for any and all creatives in the greater Denver metropolitan area. From their news about the advertising industry, job listings and profiles of local firms' and freelancers' work, to their editorial rants, offering solutions on how to fix both Denver and the world as a whole in a myriad of different ways, the anonymously-run site is both a great resource and a regularly interesting batch of reading. What's more, so great and varied are their posts that you don't even need to be located anywhere near Denver to enjoy it. March, 2009.

Mister Jalopy (mj) is a builder, artist, writer, speaker, activist and business owner. His projects are (infrequently) updated at Hooptyrides, the going-ons at his Los Angeles-based idiosyncratic used bicycle, Mexican medicine and pocket knife store are (infrequently) detailed at Coco's Variety and inspired objects are (frequently) considered at Dinosaurs and Robots. Mister J owns eight cars, fifty bicycles, one coin laundry, three underwater camera rigs from the filming of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, is a contributing editor at Make: and is the visiting philosopher on Make: TV. February, 2009.

Alissa Walker (alw) is a freelance writer, design enthusiast, and social butterfly. She runs the site Gelatobaby which chronicles her travels through the design industry, writing pieces for magazines like Print, Fast Company, ReadyMade and nearly everything in between. This fall, Chronicle will release her book City Walks Architecture: New York City. When she isn't appearing as a panelist at events across the country, Alissa hosts a monthly-ish party for designers in called de LaB, is regularly featured as a "guest expert" on HGTV's Small Space, Big Style, and she is the one person in Los Angeles who doesn't drive a car. January, 2009.

Michael Surtees (mst) runs the great, aptly-titled design blog DesignNotes, which, like Michael himself, began in Canada and is now based in New York. By day, he is the Design Director of Daylife, which develops methods to help organize the world's news. He's also helps run the Ten:15 project which asks readers to send in photos of what they're looking at at 10:15am, publishes pieces in publications like New York magazine, and regularly walks around taking interesting photos. And this year, we were honored to have Michael contribute to Field-Tested Books as well. Whew. Keeps busy, doesn't he? December, 2008.

Our Guest Editor for August is Aegir Hallmundur (ahl) who serves the public as the Chief Executive of The Ministry of Type. We've been watching Aegir closely for the last year and half, and we love the way he takes a specific piece of design and/or type and examines it closely, often going so far as to redraw it, in order to uncover its very soul. The Ministry is a mandatory bookmark for type geeks. September 2008

Lincoln Cushing (lch) is the force behind Docs Populi, that rare personal site that combines a serious mission with an infectious enthusiasm for the subject at hand. It's a huge categorized repository of posters and images created for a cause. Lincoln describes his aims as a commitment to "documenting, cataloging, and disseminating socially and politically significant graphic material which otherwise might be left behind in the digital revolution." Right on. July, 2008

Dave Cuzner (dc) runs the excellent design blog Grain Edit which is about classic design work from the 50s, 60s and 70s and contemporary designers who draw inspiration from that time period. In addition to having impeccable taste, Dave knows his stuff cold. He also owns a book store specializing in rare graphic design books, kids books and type specimens. June, 2008

Naz Hamid (nh) is one of our favorite web designers anywhere. We have a lot in common with Naz. Most notably, his wife, Jen Schuetz, helps us out at CP on a number of projects. Naz's personal site NZRN and his business site, Weightshift are but two examples of the attention to detail and consummate good taste his work always demonstrates. He's also a founder of the Chicago site, Gapers Block and we hear he's wicked-fast on two wheels too. May, 2008

Kevin Byrd (kvb) is a long-time friend of CP. We originally ran into Kevin at his blog, Byrdhouse, which we quickly bookmarked and return to often for things like his seasonal CHIRP mix and his films, including the immortal Cops on Bikes. Kevin is the Art Director at Armchair Media in Atlanta. February, 2008

Anne Ward (anw) of I Like is based in Glasgow and has a keen eye, great taste and and unstoppable enthusiasm for pop culture, kitsch and M. Saskek too. Here's Anne, peering out of a diner, in a Herald Magazine profile. Anne is also a contributor to Nothing To See Here. January, 2008

St. Nicholas of Bari (sn) is our December Guest Editor. He'll be highlighting items from the holiday wish lists of various designers, artists and writers from all over the world. December, 2007

Kirsten Sorton and Ana Reinert are Pica + Pixel, (pp) a webblog edited by two designers living and working 1200 miles apart. Pixel (Kirsten) is a web designer for Funny Garbage in New York while Pica (Ana) designs greeting cards for Shoebox Cards in Kansas City. They met at a cigarette-and-liquor marketing-design gig in Chicago in 1999 and bonded over Hello Kitty, fluffy bunnies and other woodland creatures. Instantly, they knew they were kindred spirits. BB (who also worked at said cigarette-and-liquor gig) has been stealing links from them for a couple months now, so we decided to cut out the middle man and invite them to post here. November, 2007

Our Guest Editor is the anonymous proprietor (bm) of the visual-blog Monoscope. Aside from his or her initials and his or her ability to consistently uncover great, tasteful, surprising images on a daily basis, we don't know really much about him or her. October, 2007

John Tolva (jt) is our Guest Editor for September. John runs Ascent Stage, a wide-ranging weblog that covers stuff like toys, travel and tech and he works as a Creative Director at IBM in Chicago on the application of technology to the field of cultural heritage. John is one of those people who seems to know a little about just about everything and a lot about particular things, like slasher films, pasta and virtual worlds. He's not without his faults however, for example, he's Cubs fan. September, 2007

The first question we asked when we decided to invite Cameron Moll (cm) to Guest Edit this month was, "Haven't we already done that?" You see, we've been reading and swiping links and design ideas from Cameron's Authentic Boredom for a long time and have also been keeping an eye on his other "Authentic" concept, a jobs board. The moral of the story is that we probably should have invited him much earlier, except that if we did, we couldn't plug his excellent book, Mobile Web Design. August, 2007

Todd Wescott (tw) entered a contest we had in our most recent Infrequent Mailings by submitting a few sample links as an audition to be our Guest Editor for July. Thanks to all the people who did likewise and welcome to Todd. He's an architect in Northeast Pennsylvania with a passion for design. Todd writes, "I have no website, no business of my own, nothing to sell. But maybe soon... I've picked up a little of everything everywhere I've gone and hope to be able to bring you all some interesting links." No doubt he will. July, 2007

Bill Keaggy (bk) is a tireless designer, writer and publisher. His personal site is jammed full of all manners of stuff and he also writes for the excellent xBlog, "the visual thinking weblog." Bill's latest big project is the new book, Milk Eggs Vodka, a compendium of found lists and wisecrackery. You should make a note to remind yourself to buy it. June, 2007

Vera Pilpoul (vp) writes one of our new favorite sites, Moon River. Vera llves and works in Tel-Aviv and describes herself as "an observer, a flâneur who seeks beauty, who tries to map whatever it is that is so tangible, that it cannot be grasped entirely." Her observations frequently touch on art history, maps, the visual arts and poetry and we're looking forward to her sharing some of her "aimless idling" during the month. May, 2007

Axel Albin and Josh Kamler are partners in the studio Language in Common (lc). We had been keeping an eye on their weblog, Tiny Gigantic for a while but when they sent us copies of their manifesto series including How To Clean Out Your Desk and How To Be a Better Lover we just had to invite them to post for us. Anybody who defines their role as "troublemakers" is our kind of people. April, 2007

Edward Lifson (el) is the host of the terrific Sunday Morning arts show on Chicago Public Radio entitled Hello Beautiful!. His passion for the arts and especially architecture is consisitently demonstrated there, as well as on his personal blog, The New Modernist. Edward shares with us a devotion to Tadao Ando, Louis Sullivan and Mies, as evidenced by where he has chosen to live. March, 2007

Will Freeborn (wf) Contributed the small in-line illustrations to our news feed during February. Will works at the BBC and maintains a beautiful sketchblog called Ghostschool. When Kevin Cornell did these in December he dubbed them "Signal Flares," a name that'll stick, and we're happy to have had Will launching them up for us. February, 2007

Kate Bingaman (ktb) draws pictures of the stuff she buys. She draws pictures of her credit card statements which are available to be purchased at a price equal to the minimum payment due. She does all this and more at Obsessive Consumption, which, according to the notes there, "is repulsed and grossly fascinated by the branding of consumer culture. It wants to eat the entire bag of candy and enjoy the sickness that it feels an hour later." Kate will be contributing Fresh Signals illustrations during January for you consume. January, 2007

You might not know his name but when you see one of his illustrations or cartoons you'll likely say "oh yeah, that guy." Kevin Cornell (kc), is the lord of the manor at the unstoppable Bearskinrug, a site practically bursting at the seams with art and nonsense. Check out his tees, prints and books, there is a lot of great stuff there. Kevin has agreed to guest edit for us during December, sometimes the old fashioned way, with words and occasionally in his native tounge, pictures. December, 2006

Melanie Orndorff (mo), is a freelance editor, working on projects at places like A&E, MTV, and CBS. She's also the owner of Daily Guilt, a site chronicling her attempt at getting through a list of 101 things she'd like to accomplish in just 1,001 days (a little under three years). We feel a little guilty ourselves, taking her away from her list to help us out, but maybe she can replace #18, "Play tuba in a Dixieland jazz band" with "Guest edit for a design shop in Chicago." November, 2006

Jaime Morrison (jm) is the proprietor of The Nonist, a razor-sharp daily journal of short commentaries and thoughtful observations. By its own definition, The Nonist "assumes little and is guided by reason." We're down with that so long as you don't get the impression that the site is overly academic or dry. A whiff of cynicism pervades the place and often results in posts that make us actually laugh, right out loud. Oh, and it's just about our favorite-looking weblog anywhere too. October, 2006

Whoops. With vacations, holidays and all we forgot to sign up a Guest Editor for this September. So let's open it right up. Send suggested Fresh Signals links to info at coudal dot com with the words "you can count on me" in the subject line. We'll attribute them to "all" and make sure to include your web address so if we publish your suggestion we can give you a link back. September 2006

Anthony Vitagliano (av) has had two tours of duty with us, the first as an intern and the second as a designer. Both times he left to become a hip, super-successful motion graphics ace and the second time it seems to have actually worked out. You can see his creations all over the tv and find him making them at Digital Kitchen. August, 2006

Jill Brassil (jlb) and Paul McAleer (pm) won a web scavenger hunt we organized in one of our Infrequent Mailings and as part of their prize package they were invited to write links for Fresh Signals for a month. Thanks to Paul and Jill for agreeing to help out. July, 2006

Chris Glass (cg). Our Guest Editor for June is a designer, photographer and writer from Southwestern Ohio. Chris is a reliable and observant filter of all things interesting on the web and other places. But that's not why we asked him to come aboard for the month. Basically it's that we can't resist anyone who makes a video of himself lip-syching Janeane Garofalo's interpretation of Fiona Apple from the 1997 MTV Video Awards. June, 2006

Geoff Manaugh (gm). Architectural conjecture. Urban speculation. Landscape futures. That's how Geoff describes his always great BldgBlog. He recently finished writing his first novel about surveillance and architecture in London and is shopping for an agent. So if you is one, you might want to give him a buzz. If he writes as well in long-form as he does in blog-form, it's bound to be great. May, 2006

Greg Storey (gs). Once in a while you find a personal weblog that demonstrates a confident style, a clear voice and a sense of humor and taste and then wraps them all up in a beautiful design. When you find such a site it's ususally almost as good as Greg Storey's Airbag. We've been pinching links from Greg (gs) for so long we thought we ought to let him steal them from himself for a change and we're glad he's agreed drive the Fresh Signals guest editing bus. April, 2006

Peacay (pk). Given the amount of deliciousness that Peacay posts every day at BibliOdyssey, we were sort of surprised he agreed to write links for us during March but we're sure glad he did. It took us a little while to find his blog, but once we did we became immediately hooked on his insightful comments about various historical and visual artifacts and the great scans too. March, 2006

Kevin Broome (kb) of Industrial Brand Creative in Vancouver helped out in February. Conspiracy theorists might think it more than a little coincidental that we him shortly after he placed CP number one in his poll of 'best design sites for 2005.' We figure that at least he has good taste. But really, if we were just kissing up to him, we would have given him a longer month, don't you think? February, 2006

Rosecrans Baldwin & Andrew Womack (tmn) are long-time co-conspirators, writers and editors of The Morning News. On virtually any list of literate web destinations, you'll find TMN near the top by virtue of its daily news summary and compelling feature writing and interviews. The second annual TMN Tournament of Books is just around the corner. Watch for the brackets to be announced shortly. January, 2006

Joshua Allen (ja) has been writing Fireland for ten years. He's also deep in a novel writing project called Chokeville. He will never complete it. We got to know Joshua's voice as a long-time contributor for our brothers-in-arms at The Morning News and from his various pseudonymous projects that for good readon, we can't list here. If we did list them, you'd understand. Trust us. December, 2005

Jason Wilder (jwd) from Rochester NY, writes an always surprising and constantly updated list of links to and comments about independent and underground music called Mystery and Misery. After swiping dozens of links from him over the past years, we figured that if his taste about other things is as discriminating as it is about music, he'd be a natural for a Guest Editor spot. November, 2005

Mark Friesen (mf) writes NewsDesigner.com, which, for those of us who are obsessed with typography, mastheads, cutlines, eyebrows, captions and wood, has become an important gathering place for the discussion and display of front-pages from around the world as well as news and industry information, all delivered daily in a breezy, personal style. October, 2005

Tina Roth (tr) is the Design Director of Thinkmap in NYC and publisher of a fine personal journal about design and aesthetics. Growing up in Switzerland has shaped her view and compliments a keen and playful sense of modern style. September, 2005

Shoepal (sp) is responsible for the photography, wayward meta-links and occasionally pithy observations found at Shoepal.com. Currently taking time off from (de)constructing The Internets he is instead learning to roast and appreciate "good" coffee. Though, in reality, he simply longs to be a Farmer, Boulangere or travelling Troubadour. He unfortunately consumes far more media than he produces. August, 2005

Andrew Huff (ah) is co-founder and editor of the only Chicago cityblog that matters, and the only one that knows that the phrase "Windy City" is code for "I'm from outta town," the most-excellent Gapers Block. Andrew also maintains a wide-ranging personal site called me3dia. July, 2005

Michael Green (mg) of Christchurch, NZ is our guest editor for June. Michael is the proprietor of Triplux and Still Journal, where he discusses photography, film, music and a whole bunch of other obsessions we happen to share. June, 2005

Christopher Phin (cph), senior staff writer for the UK-based MacUser Magazine. Chris fell into journalism after realising that he wasn't a very good graphic designer and we're all the better for it. He is otherwise engaged by being recently engaged and lives and works in London. May, 2005

Jason Santa Maria (jsm) is designer by trade, Jason recently jumped into the self-employed category and works frequently as a cog. Also he has a sunny disposition, talent, taste, three cats and a camera. April, 2005

Eric Helin (erh) is half of the Slowtron directing team, along with Drew Neujahr. They've brought us the very popular Western State Video Profile Series: 1. 2. 3. and 4. Plus, How to BBQ a Man, they are currently working on a new series of short films for us. March, 2005.

Jamie Dihiansan (jd) lives in Chicago with his lovely wife, even lovelier daughter, dog, and 4 cats. He enjoys dancing with his daughter Ruby to everything from Bad Brains to Belle and Sebastian, and hopes that one day she will be a pro skateboarder. Jamie and his team at Asian Mack sift through Apple Music Store releases and review their favorites daily. February, 2005

Michael Rutchik of Mudhaus Design is a designer and photographer and was recently featured in our weekly Depth of Field series. Check his LA 2:1, daily widesceen look at his city and f ZERO.ZERO, an experimental series of pictures, each made two seconds into the future. Really. His latest project is a photo-a-day series of his lovely daughter Piper-Jolie. January, 2005.

Paul Giambarba (pg) was head of Polaroid's identity and packaging team and has recounted that experience in the blog, The Branding of Polaroid, 1957-1977. The story there is required reading for anyone interested or employed in the field of modern design. More recently, Paul has launched the ambitious 100 Years of Illustration and Design to bring depth and detail to profiles of commercial artists and historical styles. December, 2004.

Roderick Chow (rch) is the proprietor of Fogday Press, which specializes in letterpress printing and small edition publishing. He's a frequent volunteer at the San Francisico Center for the Book, teaching kids and others how to make books and print. Roderick is also a supernumerary for the San Francisco Opera and while that means he doesn't have any lines to say, that doesn't stop him from speaking up at Make Ready, the journal of one man's quest to shed light upon ephemera and insight into the world of a persnickety tramp printer. November, 2004.

Rob Corradi (rc) is our guest editor for October. Rob is one of the main cogs in the Preloaded design machine in London. Any listing of the great interactive work they do for A-List clients would inevitably leave out something important, so visit their site and gawk around a bit. October, 2004.

Jason Koxvold (jk) does a lot of things well. We met him after he showed the good taste to order from Jewelboxing. Check his home base, Bubble & Squeak, where you'll find Quicktimes and stills from Thailand, Chicago, Cuba, Norway and Britain in My View: A Travelogue and also the beautiful video for our studio song of the moment, this video for Appearances from Citizens Here and Abroad. September, 2004.

Karen Ingram (ki). We've been following Karen's work since she took part in one of our early Photoshop Tennis matches. An illustrator by trade, we've always been most impressed by how Karen combines natural and digital media. But she's done a lot of other stuff too, including a chapter in the New Masters of Photoshop Book from FoE. Check her her online porfolio. August, 2004.

Steve Delahoyde (sd). Everything you could possibly want to know about Steve can be found in the subtext of this touching film. And there's lots more where that came from at Irritable Colon. His personal site contains other work which provides higher production values but perhaps less biographical insight. July, 2004.

Åsk Wäppling (aw) is the proprietor of The AdLand Ad-Rag, a site created by the ad grunts for the ad grunts, featuring the very latest international advertising creative news and a huge collection of spots, straight out of Denmark. June, 2004

Armin Vit (arv), is the hard-working, insightful proprietor of Speak Up, a community by designers about design. Armin's folio of work demonstrates a lovely straddling of the gulf between classical influences and a modern style. May, 2004.

Dan Benjamin (db) has saved countless lives with his Anti-Spam Address Enkoder and other elegant solutions. In fact, every time we don't get a spam, we think of Dan. He also runs The Hivelogic Narrative, an ongoing series of dispatches from the front lines of web development and fine cigar appreciation and is available for hire through his Automatic Labs. Dan describes himself as an 'arbiter elegantiarum' and if we had any idea what that meant we might describe him that way too. April, 2004.

Eric Snowdeal (es) knows a lot about a lot of things, including technical stuff that we're interested in but frequently don't understand a bit when he starts explaining. You can understand most of what he posts at Ex Machina and other places however. Funny thing is, we never asked him to participate all during the time his office was just down the block from CP. Instead we waited until he had relocated to Grand Rapids, Michigan. Just felt safer that way. March, 2004.

Nathalie Chicha (nc) has many talents including an ability to keep Cup of Chicha, her daily weblog, well-stocked with interesting linkage and a generous supply of wit. February, 2004.

Aaron Draplin (ad) is shift foreman for Draplindustries Design Company of North America and an extraordinarily talented designer. He, like us, is also unnaturally fond of the 1976 American Bicentennial Logo. January, 2004.

Claire Zulkey (cz) edits the fascinating zulkey.com, chock-full of interviews and clever content. Her new book is available for preorder. December, 2003.

Ralf Zeigermann (rz) writes and draws The Cartoonist, a consistent and consistently entertaining journal of pop culture. November, 2003.

Bob Sassone (bs) is the editor of the weekly web mag Professor Barnhardt's Journal and the author of "Book, With Words and Pages." October, 2003.

Stuart Heath (sh), aka "Mr. H", of the incomparable Giornale Nuovo holds forth from Karlskrona, Sweden. Stuart's discriminating taste and thoughtful perspective on the visual arts make the Giornale one of our favorite places anywhere. September, 2003.

James Norton (jn) is the editor of the "noncomprehensive guide to everything" Flak Magazine. August, 2003.

Matt Hinrichs (mh) is proprietor of the pop culture weblog scrubbles.net, in (way too) sunny Phoenix. July, 2003.

Rob Ford (rf) is the founder of Favorite Website Awards and the inspirational monthly link bonanza, Wellvetted. June, 2003.

Marshall Sokoloff (msk) is a Toronto-based photographer who runs the excellent Blurbism. May, 2003.

Heather Armstrong (ha) is the voice behind the fabulous Dooce, the site we always show people when they ask, "What's so cool about weblogs anyway?" April, 2003.

Jonathan Bell (jb) is co-editor of Things Magazine. Published bi-annually from London since 1994. Things now exists as a combination of weblog and print-on-demand publication. March, 2003.

John Gruber (jg) publishes Daring Fireball, an intelligent and opinionated journal devoted to geeky things like operating system interfaces. John has gift for making complicated things simple and a voice that makes them interesting. February, 2003.

Stephen Coles (sc) is from Typographica, a must-read for type geeks. Stephen is currently dating Vendome after breaking off a long and passionate affair with Knockout. November, 2002 through January, 2003.

Heather Champ (hc) has lured over 10,000 poor, unsuspecting photographers into her nets at the Mirror Project and countless other wayward souls to the excellent Harrumph. October, 2002.

Jon Buonaccorsi (jtb) runs both Slatch, a must-read weblog about music, alcohol, and commercial fisherman, and 75orless, our favorite source of concise indie-rock record reviews. September, 2002.

Jennifer Sharpe (js) is the fun and tireless proprietor of Sharpeworld. June, 2002.

Mark Simonson (mls) is a designer, lettering artist and the leading voice in the hopeless struggle against the hegemony of Arial. May, 2002.

Steven Green (sg) is ringmaster at London link bonanza, Plep. April, 2002.

Kevin Shay (ks) edits Staggernation. March, 2002.

Andrew Abb (aa) holds forth from Wisconsin and runs the unstoppable gmt+9 (-15). February, 2002.

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Field Tested Books, a suitcase full of reviews of books read on location, edited by DR.

How To Explain The Rules of Cricket by KG.

Perfect by JC.

the CP Holiday Rock-and-Roll Pop Quiz by KG.

Beaten Up and Stepped On by Rosecrans Baldwin.

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