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What's All This Then?

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Sunday Edition

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a new puzzler from michele

While trying to decide what to have for lunch the other day, here at the CP studio, Bryan, Susan, Dawson, Steve and Michele decided to see who could eat the most hot dogs in a single sitting. Boomer Francisco (jc), serving as referee, went off to The Burger Baron to purchase a load of wieners and the rest of the crew got ready to chow down.

From the following clues, see if you can tell how many hot dogs each of us ate:
12, 16, 20, 22 or 24

Identify each participating CP crew member by their imaginary porn-star name: Judd Lucky, Willow Tequila, Penny Montana, Carol Tigger and Green Valley James (See Note 1 Below)

Any number of Chicago taverns have served as "Conference Room B" for afterwork meetings at CP over the years. The main ones have been The Brehon, The Tasting Room, The Fulton Lounge, Dante's (now Mart Anthony's) and The Original Billy Goat (See Note 2 Below)


1. Dawson, whose porn-star name is not Carol Tigger, ate three-fourths as many hot dogs as Steve.

2. Michele's favorite tavern is The Fulton Lounge.

3. Penny Montana ate four more hot dogs than Bryan, and two more than Willow Tequila.

4. Carol Tigger's favorite tavern is just east of Bryan's and just west of Michele's

5. Susan ate more hot dogs than Bryan, who ate more than Carol Tigger.

6. The person whose favorite tavern was Dante's ate 8 fewer hot dogs than the person whose favorite tavern is The Billy Goat.

7. Judd Lucky's favorite tavern is The Brehon.

Send your correct answer and/or complaints to .


Note I: In case you're not familiar with the process, you can create your own "imaginary porn-star name" by simply combining the name of your first pet with the name of the street you first lived on. If you grew up petless just use "Fluffy, Boots, Frisky or Yo-Yo." If you grew up homeless, try "Wood, Broadway, Cherry, Morningside or Filmore."

Note II: We still like and occasionally frequent all these taverns and we do miss Dante's. For the purposes of this puzzle you might want to figure out where they are located geographically, relative to each other. Like the Chicago city limits, you should start at the lake and go west from there.

Note III: If you're thinking of signing your entry with your imaginary porn-star name, in hopes that that might influence which correct answers we randomly select for the prizes, you're thinking the same way we are.

Note IV: For people who like this sort of thing, check our original Einstein's Fish Puzzle and the "other" fish puzzle too plus a slightly different sort of thing, Da Vinci's Other Code. Get busy.

Note V: In answer to a couple emails wondering if your "imaginary porn name" should start with the pet or the street, we say use your best judgment. For example, Joe S. is the kind of guy who goes both ways since he grew up on Filmore Street with a dog named Randy.


Prizes: We'll randomly pick three people who get it right and send them a Pinsetter Spelling Set, a Field-Tested Books Book and Limited-Edition Poster, a Copy Goes Here DVD, a 20pack of Kings from Jewelboxing, live Pixies and Dead Can Dance CDs from The Show and whatever other stuff we can find lying around the studio.

We'll pick one person who gets it right and send them all of the above plus ninety Vienna Beef natural casing hot dogs. Chicago's finest.

Note VI: Hundreds of people sent in their solutions to the Hot Dog puzzle. Some people got it right, some people got it wrong, some people only sent in their imaginary porn name. I imagine they were hoping for a big break and that our latest film venture 72 Degrees might actually be an adult film. It's not. But that's not to say it might not happen down the road. Hmmm...

Winners: Ahem, back to the puzzle, after pooling the correct entries together, we have randomly chosen three winners and a Grand Prize winner. Curse these people in your head as you smile outwardly, just like at the Oscars. Our three randomly chosen runner up winners are Jena Persico better known as Frisky Puritan, Mark Page or his alter ego Ruby Cinnamon, and Kelly Marks known in the adult film world as Boomer Montevista. (Kelly felt her imaginary porn name was the worst, trust us, it's not). And the Grand Prize Winner is Dan Hoehn or Miss Trixie LeRay. Congratulations to our winners and the rest of you can go drown your sorrows at The Brehon, The Tasting Room, The Fulton Lounge, Dante's (now Mart Anthony's) and The Original Billy Goat. Thanks for playing!

Answers: Here is the answer to the eternal question, "Which porn star ate the most hot dogs?" No peeking until you've finished working it for yourself.


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