What's All This Then?

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What's All This Then?

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Monday Edition

State Dinosaur of Texas: Paluxysaurus jonesi
The Field Notes County Fair edition. Our tribute to the 50 states.

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A CP Film Available on DVD

Los Alamos, The Black Hole and The Bomb

We debuted the documentary Laboratory Conditions serialized on the web in five parts. See links below. The complete film looks a lot better in its full widescreen format and is now available on a custom designed DVD that also includes additional footage shot in and around Los Alamos.

You can order the DVD by itself or in combination with Copy Goes Here, a disc that also includes Slowtron's How to BBQ a Man, Scott Smith's stylish Ten and Steve Delahoyde's 238 Miles. More about the Copy Goes Here DVD.

Presented in five parts:
One | Two | Three | Four | Five |

Buy the DVD

Laboratory Conditions: Los Alamos, The Black Hole and The Bomb, a film by Coudal Partners on DVD. $19.

Buy Both DVDs

The Laboratory Conditions DVD and Copy Goes Here, a disc containing four short films from Coudal Partners and friends. $28. Save $10

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