What's All This Then?

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What's All This Then?

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Friday Edition

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Who Shot What Where?

Let’s Do Lunch

Then Answer

Julia is in seat #3 (clue # 3). Glory and Robert are next to each other ( clue #7) so one of them is in seat #1. Hannah isn't in seat #4 (clue #4) so she is in seat #2. The person in seat #4 just returned from Hawaii (clue #4). By elimination, Glory and Robert are in seats #1 and #4. The person in seat #4 is surnamed Smith and the person in seat #1 went to Ireland (clue # 7). Hannah in seat #2, did not go to Tokyo (clue #2) so Julia did. By elimination, Hannah went to Spain. Julia is Marks (clue #5). York isn't in seat #1(clue #1) so Moon is. By elimination, Hannah is York. She shot a science fiction movie (clue # 1). Robert isn't Moon (clue #8), so Glory is Moon. By elimination, Robert is Smith. He shot a romantic comedy (clue #8). Glory Moon did not shot an action thriller (clue #6), so Julia Marks did. By elimination, Glory Moon shot a costume drama.

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