What's All This Then?

This site is edited by Coudal Partners, a design, advertising and interactive studio in Chicago, as an ongoing experiment in web publishing, design and commerce. [Next]

What's All This Then?

Thanks for visiting. If browsing around here while at work has had a negative effect on your productivity we're sorry but imagine what it's done to ours. [Hide]

Tuesday Edition

This is our studio site. Among lots of other things, we run Field Notes Brand,
go there right now and spend lots of money. Thanks.

Coudal Partners

Various + Sundry

Since we started this site on Halloween of 1999, we've made or borrowed a ton of graphics for the main image on our cover page. And to be honest, we've lost track of many of them. Back to the cover page.

And, thanks to Dan Benjamin for the rotator script.


Just reload this page for additional random pairings from the stack of images we've managed to locate.