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Swap Meat Holiday Exclusives


Learn more about our Gifted Holiday Collection.

Holiday Note: For every order placed for a Gifted item between now and Christmas we'll donate five dollars to Greater Chicago Food Depository and for every 100 orders placed we'll donate an additional $500.

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Kevin Cornell’s Peoplemals Set

SM0291 ID SM0292 (photo)
Arrived 12.07.07 PM, FedEx
From Kevin Cornell
Description 4 Letterpressed Cards in Package
More info Bearskin Rug
Swapped for TBD
Status at CP

Evolution is a tricky thing. It's hard to depict since it moves very slowly and it's really better seen and appreciated after the fact. But that hasn't stopped Kevin Cornell who sees the future through his own unique Victorian lens and imagines a day when certain people and certain animals have merged. He call the combinations "Peoplemals" and he created a set of them for a small show in Philadelphia. We fell in love with them (as we usually do with with all of Kevin's illustrations) right from the start and we assembled a limited-edition print set featuring four species.

Penghim, Manther, Ladger and Eagirl are each depicted on their own 6" x 9" card. Dan Barron of Flywheel Letterpress took on the awesome responsibility of striking these prints into Classic Crest 130# Natural White stock and did an amazing job. The four prints are stamped with a Cornell-designed seal of authenticity on the reverse, and tied together with soutache, surrounded by velvet and packed into a jet-black, super-strong archival photo-print box.

Swap Meat Exclusive: Available For Purchase
Limited edition of 200 sets of 4 letterpress prints, 6 x 9" in two colors on 130# stock. Stamped seal of authenticity on the reverse of each print. Shipped flat in an archival photo box. $55.00 for the set of 4 prints. SOLD OUT

Chicago Neighborhood Poster/Button Set Sold Out

SM0291 ID SM0291 (photo)
Arrived 12.07.07 PM, Hand-delivered
From Jennifer Beorkrem
Description 24" x 34" map of Chicago neighborhoods
More info Ork Posters
Swapped for TBD
Status at CP

We got Ork Posters' original red and grey Chicago Neighborhoods poster in the mail a couple weeks ago, and instantly loved it for (among other things) its inclusion of BB's home neighborhood Galewood, which is NEVER on maps. Then we started seeing the poster popping up everywhere on the internet, and everyone loved it. While the regular version is available on Jenny's site, we've commissioned a 100-print edition of the new "blue" version (PMS 7474) signed and numbered. For even more local pride, we'll include El Boton's "El Series" buttons, featuring eight buttons color-coded to Chicago's CTA "El" lines. (We're still getting used to the "Pink" line too). Best yet, on top of our usual "Gifted" donation to the Greater Chicago Food Bank, Jenny has offered to donate an extra $5 per order, so not only are you showing your Chicago pride on your walls/jacket lapels, you're also helping Chicago's less fortunate citizens.

Let's be clear: No Chicagoan who's seen this poster doesn't love it. It's already incredibly popular, but it's still going places. In fifteen years, you'll see this poster hanging in every corner tavern and all-night italian beef joint, stained with years of grease and smoke, right between the photo of DItka flipping the bird and that Vienna Beef hot dog that's covering up Navy Pier with the fire boat shooting mustard at it. You know what I'm talking about. This poster is THAT Chicago. Buy this signed, high-quality limited-edition print now, or buy an inferior poorly-letterspaced sixth-generation knockoff (is that ARIAL CONDENSED!?) from the guy selling fake White Sox shirts outside Union Station in a few months. It's your choice.

Swap Meat Exclusive: Available For Purchase
Limited edition of 100 signed-and-numbered 24" x 36" posters, offset-printed in medium blue (Pantone 7474) on white New Leaf 100% recycled matte paper, with El Boton's 8-button "El Series" set. $50. Sold Out

Foodie Greeting Cards Sold Out

SM0279 ID SM0279 (photo)
Arrived 9.24.07 PM, hand-delivered
From Julie Morelli, Chicago IL
Description 8 Nourishing Cards
More info letterform.net
Swapped for TBD
Status at CP

Julie wants to make sure that all of your correspondence is well nourished. It's always handy to have some general purpose cards on hand, but these may be hard to part with. Perhaps the only way to avoid that situation is to give the set of cards as a gift to a friend and hope she sends them back to you, one by one. Anyone who likes food, or puns, or cheesecloth bags, or tastefully letterpress-printed cards, will love these, and will be well prepared for three birthday, three thank-yous, a congratulation, and a love note. These 40 sets of letterpress-printed cards were made by hand and packaged beautifully. You can view her process here.

Swap Meat Exclusive
Eight different 4"x5.5" greeting cards with matching color envelopes, hand letterpress-printed in two colors, packaged in a silkscreen-printed cheesecloth bag. $28.00 per set. SOLD OUT

Moon Monster Print

SM0286 ID SM0286 (photo)
Arrived 11.9.07 PM, Picked up at Screwball Press
From Sam Brown
Description Five color silkscreen print
More info explodingdog.com
Swapped for TBD
Status at CP

We're longtime fans of Sam Brown's site, Exploding Dog, where, daily, he posts a few illustrations based on a titles submitted by readers. Not a bad way to build up your portfolio quickly, Sam has published thousands of drawings in his signature style featuring stick figures, monsters, dogs, robots, robot dogs, and clouds. This limited-edition silkscreen print was created especially for the Swap Meat, and was screenprinted in Chicago at Screwball Press. Its five panels depict a series of moon expeditions gone awry. Just 100 are available.

Swap Meat Exclusive: Available For Purchase
14x24 five-color silkscreen print on 100# French Construction white paper, with a signed and numbered statement of authenticity. $40 each. SOLD OUT

Vintage Projector T-shirts

SM0231 ID SM0231 (photo)
Arrived 00.00.07 PM, Carrier
From Rod Hunting, Chicago IL
Description Screenprinted T-shirts
More info The Post Family
Swapped for TBD
Status at CP

Allow us to get a little mushy here. Rod Hunting is the Swap Meat personified. Rod built this city. His vintage camera print was the very first item we received in the mail, two days after announcing the idea, and it inspired up to commission Swap Meat Exclusives. It sold out quickly and Rod became our first repeat-swapper with his vintage reel-to-reel print set. Around that time, Rod left his advertising day job to pursue his illustration and printmaking at The Post Family, and he tells us he's happy and busy, but he found time to become our first "three-timer" and contribute these great shirts to the Holiday Swap. Following the AV-club/retro-tech theme of his other work, these shirts feature detailed, line art vintage film projector illustrations on "ladies" and "gents" shirts. We're glad we were able to help spark Rod's creative endeavors, but we can't take much credit, he's a great guy who does fantastic work, and he helped make the Swap Meat what it is.

Swap Meat Exclusive: Available For Purchase
Limited edition t-shirts. 50 shirts each in six sizes (women's S/M/L, men's M,L,XL) "Gents" is printed in brown ink on natural American Apparel Organic fine jersey short sleeve t-shirts. "Ladies" is printed in red ink on light pink American Apparel Unisex fine fersey short sleeve t-shirts. $28.00 each.


Butter/Concrete prints

SM0278 ID SM0278 (photo)
Arrived 10.09.07 PM, USPS Priority
From Jay Bryant, Seattle, WA
Description Three 18"x 24" 3-color prints
More info Aesthetic Interlude
Swapped for TBD
Status at CP

Jay Bryant was inspired to send us some prints after seeing Rod Hunting's work in the Swap Meat. These were produced for the "A Muse to You?" poster show organized by Kristien Ziska and Laurie Kearney in Seattle, and feature two sticks of butter ("Sweet Cream" and "Unsalted") and a "Concrete Masonry Unit," known by the colloquial name "Cinder Block." Apparently Disney owns the trademark to Cinder Block or something. Anyway, it's hard to explain the satisfying symmetry of two sticks of butter and a slab of concrete, but it's palpable and the prints were an instant hit around the studio. We got in touch with Jay, who offered up the remaining thirty prints as a Swap Meat Exclusive. We've sort of fallen back on the phrase "These would look perfect in your..." in many of these descriptions, but isometric-dairy-products-and-construction-materials placement, well, that's a decision you're going to have to make on your own.

Swap Meat Exclusive: Available For Purchase
$80.00 per Butter Print Set. SOLD OUT
$50.00 for the Concrete Block Print. SOLD OUT

Lucky Squirrel Print

SM0237 ID SM0237 (photo)
Arrived 7.18.07 PM, FedEx
From Claire Ironside & Angela Iarocci, Toronto ON
Description 2-poster set outlining squirrel genetics
More info moimoi design
Swapped for TBD
Status at CP

The six-corner intersection of art, science, and math is sadly underpopulated, but visitors to this fascinating neighborhood are always treated to something great, be it fractals or Daina Taimina's crocheted models of the universe or Edward Tufte's research on Information Graphics. Claire Ironside and Angela Iarocci are illustration and graphic design professors (respectively) who collaborate on data visualization projects which draw on the multiple themes of sustainability, activism and social engagement. This pair of prints features a punnet square and network diagram examining the albino squirrel. One poster features explanatory text and a family tree, while the second poster illustrates 20,000 squirrels, one of which is white, a bold depiction of the odds of seeing a white squirrel in nature. The odds of a Biology-Graphic Design double major are just about the same.

Swap Meat Exclusive: Available For Purchase
100 sets from an edition of 300. Set of two 18x32" offset prints on New Life 30% post-consumer chlorine- and acid-free eco-logo-approved 30m bright white cover. Mailed wrapped in acetate and rolled in a tube. both prints are initialed and numbered by the artists on the reverse. $60/set. SOLD OUT

David Derr Neon Sign Prints

SM0168 ID SM0168-SM0169 (photo)
Arrived 5.29.07, AM (in person)
From David Derr, Chicago, IL
Description 3-color screenprint, 30" x 22"
More info email David
Swapped for TBD
Status at CP

SM0169Though we offered David Derr's Stars Motel Print for sale, his original entry was a 1999 print featuring the Sunny Snack Shop sign. We loved that print, but at the time he only had a couple left. So, David stopped by the office, showed us some other prints and we decided to offer "Stars" as a Swap Meat Exclusive. That sold out very quickly. Now David has created two new editions of 50 prints each, just for the Swap Meat. Both feature vibrant halftoned images of Chicago-area neon signs. The first is a new version of the 1999 Sunny Snack Shop print, the second is an all-new print featuring the Buy-Low Liquors sign. They're great individually, but even better together, though it's up to you whether liquor or breakfast comes first (and, if you're already a Derr connoisseur, where the motel fits in).

Swap Meat Exclusive: Available For Purchase
Limited-edition of only 50 (each design). 30" x 22" in three colors on Stonehenge 100% rag acid-free 90-lb paper with a deckled top and bottom, signed and numbered by the artist. If you order both (while supplies last), you'll get matching-numbered prints and save $25!

Brendan Dawes Cinema Redux Print

SM0248 ID SM0248 (photo)
Arrived 5.5.07, PM, USPS Global Air
From Brendan Dawes, Manchester, UK
Description 16" x 20" Lamda Print
More info brendandawes.com
Swapped for TBD
Status at CP

Brendan Dawes' very special limited-edition based on our unending obsession with 2001: A Space Odyssey. Brendan explains, "A specially written piece of software takes a tiny snapshot of the film every second. Each row contains sixty of these frames, representing one minute of film time. This process continues for the whole movie resulting in an image that becomes greater than the sum of its parts, in effect creating a unique visual fingerprint of the film." Kubrick geeks must have this. Read Brendan's The Things Around Us for more on the motivation behind this work.

Swap Meat Exclusive: Available For Purchase
A one-time limited-edition of only 50. 16" x 20" Continous-Tone, High-Gloss, Lambda Photographic Emulsion "Cinema Redux" Print of 2001. Individually Proofed. Numbered, dated and signed by the artist on an accompanying sheet for mounting on the reverse after framing. Shipped flat. $300 each. SOLD OUT

Candykiller Screen Print

SM0219 ID SM0219 (photo)
Arrived 7.06.07
From Brian Taylor, Dundee Scotland
Description 22" x 30" Screen Print
More info Candykiller
Swapped for TBD
Status at CP

Longtime readers will recognize our little oxidized friend, Rustboy. He's how we first got acquainted with Brian Taylor. While continuing to work on that one-man animated film, Brian began to develop Candykiller, a series of characters, illustrations, books and toys. We initially offered a small letterpress Candykillers print that sold out very quickly and now we have this big beautiful Smokin' screen print ready to go. Brian designed it in Scotland and we oversaw the screening process here in Chicago.

Swap Meat Exclusive: Available For Purchase
Limited-edition of only 150 prints, hand-screened exclusively for The Swap Meat. 4-colors on bright-white French Paper Company stock. The large, 22" x 30" prints are accompanied by a certificate, designed, numbered, dated and signed by the artist for mounting on the reverse after framing. Shipped in tubes, rolled with craft paper. $75 each. SOLD OUT

“Anti-Landmark” Screen Print

SM0233 ID SM0233 (photo)
Arrived 7.18.07
From Dan MacAdam, Chicago, IL
Description 23.5" x 17.5" screen print
More info Crosshair Screenprint
Swapped for TBD
Status at CP

Crosshair Silkscreen Printing and Design sits just down Lake Street from the CP office, and proprietor Dan MacAdam's recent work centers around the distinctive landscape of the industrial neighborhood we share. We instantly recognized this scene from our commute, proof that even the most unassuming brick warehouse can leave as strong an impression as Chicago's more famous buildings. Dan's craftsmanship is remarkable. Printing seven colors is rather difficult and tedious at best, but his attention to transparency and registration gives his prints a nearly photographic detail that is rather mindblowing, especially when seen close-up.

Swap Meat Exclusive: Available For Purchase
50 prints available from an edition of 100. 7-color silkscreen print on 23.5" x 17.5" 100# bright-white Cougar cover. Prints are signed and numbered by the artist, and shipped in tubes in a protective plastic sheath. $60 each. SOLD OUT

Obsessive Consumption Print Edition

SM0202 ID SM0202 (photo)
Arrived 6.26.07, PM, FedEx
From Kate Bingaman-Burt, Starkville, MS
Description 6" x 9" Handmade Compendium
More info Obsessive Consumption
Swapped for TBD
Status at CP

We know Kate Bingaman-Burt better than we know a lot of people that we have actually met. We have seen most of the things Kate has purchased over the past few years and that can tell you a lot about a person. Kate's practice of drawing a picture of something she buys every day has been well documented, in the New York Times Magazine and lots of other places and we're proud to say we have an original drawing of Kate's September 2004 Chase credit card statement framed in our studio (she owed $7039.24 at that time). For this Swap Meat Exclusive Kate has a handcrafted a book of all her daily drawings between February 5th 2006 (gas at BP) and June 20th 2007 (a bingo card). Click the thumbnail above and here to see some additional details.

Swap Meat Exclusive: Available For Purchase
A one-time, limited-edition of only 75. Gocco-printed covers with xerography guts. Two Gocco prints. Hand-colored pencil with sewn inside enclosures. Numbered and signed by the artist. $68.19 each. SOLD OUT

Comic Book Store Poster

SM0263 ID SM0263 (photo)
Arrived 6.20.07, PM, Hand-Delivered
From Nick Campbell, Chicago, IL
Description 28" x 18" Digital Poster Print
More info Greyscale Gorilla
Swapped for TBD
Status at CP

It's funny how thing work out sometimes. Nick Campbell (aka Greyscale Gorilla) entered one of our subscriber-only photo contests. In fact, he won it with this submission in answer to an asssignment to make a picture in which the foregound and the background had some sort of narrative connection. While we were looking through his portfolio we were stopped dead in our tracks by this beautiful shot of the racks at a local comic book store. So, when we sent Nick his big prize package we said, "Let's make a poster." Ours is going home with Jim for the wall in his boy Spencer's room. Where's yours going? Just for fun, here's Nick signing them all.

Swap Meat Exclusive: Available For Purchase
A one-time limited-edition of only 248 (we kept one for swapping and one for ourselves). 28" x 18" digitally printed on semi-matte poster stock. Signed and numbered by the artist. $20 each. SOLD OUT

Click Me Art Print by Marian Bantjes Sold Out

SM0262 ID SM0262 (photo)
Arrived 6.20.07, PM, UPS
From Marian Bantjes, Vancouver, Canada
Description 20" x 20" Fine Art Print
More info bantjes.com
Swapped for TBD
Status at CP

You have to go way back to a medieval term to properly describe the craft of Marian Bantjes. If such a organization existed today, we might expect to find her as Master of the Guild of Illuminated Typographers. Created specifically for The Swap Meat, this piece places a thoroughly modern, digital message in a beautiful, hand-drawn, analog context. "Click me. Read me. Open me. Buy me. Love me." Indeed. In some ways it's the perfect Swap. To borrow a phrase from the NYT Magazine, it completes the "virtuous circle of artful swag."

Swap Meat Exclusive: Available For Purchase
A one-time, limited-edition of only sixty. 20" x 20" Giclee Fine Art Print on 100% acid free cotton archival paper. Individually Proofed. Numbered, signed and dated by the artist on an accompanying sheet for mounting on the reverse after framing. Shipped flat. $90 each. SOLD OUT.

Sokoloff Photo Print

SM0221 ID SM0121 (photo)
Arrived 5.1.07, AM, FedEx
From Marshall Sokoloff, Vancouver, BC
Description Limited-edition photo print
More info Blurbism
Swapped for TBD
Status at CP

Marshall Sokoloff is based in Vancouver but spends a good deal of his time on the road, in pursuit of images. His latest group of photographs, to be featured shortly in a Gallery Series for The Morning News, were made in and around the bleak, arid region known as The Salton Sea near Desert Shores California. Marshall's best-known work is abstract and elegiac. Highly structured, full-frame details and textures are dominant. His Salt and Sugar series are good examples. The image featured here applies a similar rigorous attention to the geometry of decay, but applies it to a sun-baked landscape. One of these prints will be swapped and 25 others are offered as a special limited-edition.

Swap Meat Exclusive: Available For Purchase
Limited-edition of 25. Marshall Sokoloff 'Salton Sea' Photo Print, 14" x 21" image on 17" x 22" Premium Lustre Archival Paper, Giclee Print, signed and numbered on the reverse by the artist. $90 each. SOLD OUT

Perpetual Calendar Sold Out

SM0042 ID SM0042 (photo)
Arrived 3.26.07, PM, USPS
From Erin Zamrzla, Hays, KS
Description Hand-printed perpetual calendar on luggage tags
More info erinzam.com
Swapped for TBD
Status at CP

As noted earlier, the Gocco print has been well-represented in the Swap Meat, one of our favorite Gooco pieces is Erin Zamrzla's perpetual calendar. Each month is hand-printed in two colors on one side of the tag with a grid on the back for the dates. The tags are packaged with a pencil in a handsomely printed envelope. The artwork is all based on antique borders and labels from Erin's research. The result: The arbitrary labels we use to track time become physical labels. It makes a great desk calendar, or the tags can be individually affixed to objects, as reminders of deadlines, anniversaries, or birthdays. We asked Erin to change up some colors and designs to produce a special Swap-Meat-only series.

Swap Meat Exclusive: Available For Purchase
Limited-edition of 50. Twelve 6 1/4"x 3" tags, hand-printed on both sides in various colors. Packaged in hand-printed envelope, signed and numbered by the artist. Includes pencil and instructions. $35 each. Sold Out

Field Notes

The perfect add-on to any design gift, A 3-Pack of our a durable 100% made-in-the-USA memobooks, inspired by vintage farmers' planting books and other practical, historic, mostly-midwestern American design. $9.95

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