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What's All This Then?

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Handicapping the tob action

Morning Line

Based on past performances, bloodlines, an evaluation of previous reviews and assumptions we've made about which books the judges will think make them seem cool, here are the Morning Line odds for the 2007 Morning News Tournament of Books. These odds will be updated periodically as the tourney progresses.

current odds

The Road 5/2
The Emperor's Children 7/2
Arthur and George 4/1
The Echo Maker 4/1
Against the Day 9/2
Half of a Yellow Sun 6/1
The Lay of the Land 7/1
One Good Turn 7/1
Absurdistan 15/2
Pride of Baghdad 10/1
Apex Hides the Hurt 16/1
Brookland 20/1
Firmin 20/1
The Second Coming of Mavala Shikongo 20/1
Alentejo Blue 24/1
English, August 24/1

Posted February 20, 2007

Odds Are

Maybe we'll do another charity betting thing this year or maybe we'll do something else. Stay tuned.


We have no inside knowledge of how the Tournament of Books is going to unfold. In fact, we have no affiliation with the Tournament of Books or The Morning News at all.

Except for the the fact that Susan designed the logo for the event, Kevin Guilfoile, the ToB Chairman, worked with us at Coudal Partners for years and Jim stayed up way too late with TMN editors Rosecrans Baldwin and Andrew Womack one night in Brooklyn.